Why going grey is the next best hair trend

1 April 2015

Before you reach for your next bottle of hair dye, check the colour carefully. Why? Well chestnut brown and honey blond are no longer the hair colours du jour – instead the next best hair trend is all about going grey.

Seriously. Photos of young models sporting grey hair have exploded on Instagram this week, inspired by the mature catwalk models with undyed tresses.

Female celebrities including Nicole Richie, Lady Gaga and Kelly Osborne are backing the trend, using the hashtag #grannyhair to show the world how proud they are of their silver locks.

Whether you’re having to fully dye your hair grey or you’ve reached that stage where giving up on the hair dye feels liberating – grey hair is in and it’s a trend that’s here to stay.

Experts advise using your skin tone to find the right shade for you, adding ash coloured highlights to your hair to help complement the grey.

What’s your opinion on the grey hair trend? Would you dare to go grey? Let us know on Facebook.




Image Credit Attribution: Kobrin_photo/iStock/Thinkstock