30 September 2013

Dermal fillersDermal filler treatments should be much more tightly regulated, according to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS). The official body has warned against the dangers of having treatments at beauty spas and is advising people to make sure they do thorough research before going ahead.Recently, the Department of Health labelled dermal fillers a 'crisis waiting to happen' and the Bruce Keogh review suggested lack of expertise by some administering treatments means patients may be exposed to 'unreasonable risks'. A recent poll by The Cosmetic Surgery Guide revealed that one in four readers had undergone an injectable treatment, yet 56 per cent didn't feel they had been 'fully informed' about the risks. Laura Casewell, editor of The Cosmetic Surgery Guide, has outlined five top tips to safely navigate the world of injectables. 1. Choose a medical practitioner who is qualified and experienced when it comes to injectables. 2. Do your research. Make sure you know what product specifically you are having injected. 3. Be clear what you want and expect from a treatment- the doctor can tailor the procedure to your needs, or advise you if another option is better for you. 4. Your safety is paramount; don't base your choice of clinic, practitioner or treatment on cut-price deals or at times gifted salespeople you'll meet along your path. 5. Most 'deals' are time-sensitive. Don't be forced into making a snap decision when it comes to your health.