Why Line & Wrinkle treatments are no longer just for women

Why Line & Wrinkle treatments are no longer just for women

5 December 2014

What was once considered a woman’s pastime is now being embraced by men the world over – ladies and gentlemen, we’re talking about Botox. According to cosmetic experts, Botox is quickly gaining popularity amongst the male generation as men everywhere step up their game to maintain their youthful appearance – and with hunks such as Hugh Jackman inspiring men to go under the needle, this is certainly a trend that is here to stay.

Sydney University’s male body image expert, Scott Griffiths, highlights that beauty pressures faced by women are now being felt by their male counterparts.

“You’re getting a normalisation of this stuff for men. The fact that this clinic can even open and advertise itself, is a sign of things changing,” explained Griffiths.

“You’ve got a really big market. You’ve just got to find a way to make it discreet for them and that’s why I think a male-only clinic will succeed. The last thing a guy wants to do is admit to a girl that’s unhappy with his appearance.”

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