20 January 2011

According to recent research, carried out by independent communications consultancy The Aziz Corporation, more and more men are opting for cosmetic surgery and non-surgical procedures. This spike in the number of men choosing to undergo everything from face lifts and liposuction surgery, to male chest reduction and Botox, has been attributed to the following: To achieve good career progression; To compete on a level playing field with younger colleagues / jobseekers; Because cosmetic surgery for men is becoming increasingly socially acceptable. Career progression Of those senior executives surveyed by The Aziz Corporation, 96 per cent believe that looking good will give them a better chance of achieving good career progression, 50.6 per cent would think about having cosmetic surgery and non-surgical treatments, and 17 per cent have already had cosmetic surgery. To compete with younger colleagues / jobseekers Since the recession, the pool of jobs has got smaller, while the number of jobseekers has risen, and this has caused an increase in the number of older men seeking a more youthful look to present to prospective employers. Dr David Ellis, who runs an anti-ageing clinic in Toronto, Canada, calls this new emphasis on looking good to get ahead, a persons facial resume. He has seen a significant rise in the number of men requesting cosmetic treatments, revealing that having dermal fillers, such as Botox, to plump up cheeks and reduce the appearance of frown furrows and wrinkles, are the most popular age-reversing procedures. Socially acceptable Statistics from The American Society for Plastic Surgeons showed that in 2009, nose reshaping was the most commonly performed procedure on men, followed by eyelid surgery, liposuction, chest reduction, and hair transplantation. Reports of male celebrities such as Michael Douglas (face lift) and Gordon Ramsay (hair transplants and dermal fillers) undergoing plastic surgery undoubtedly paves the way for ordinary men to openly undergo these procedures to reverse the ageing process and look good, just as women have for many years.