21 October 2013

Womans arm lifting dumbbellAdvances in surgical procedures have helped greatly boost the popularity of upper arm lift procedures in recent years and according to one New York-based cosmetic surgeon, that trend will only continue as those techniques are refined further. Dr Mark H Schwartz said a procedure known as a brachioplasty, which "gives arms a slimmer, more proportionate appearance", can help reverse the natural laxness in upper arm tissue, and restore "a slimmer, more proportionate appearance." The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) has reported a more than 40-fold increase in upper arm lift procedures since 2000. They can be combined with liposuction, which helps remove areas of excess fat as a result of significant weight loss.For people wishing to have small amounts of excess skin removed, the procedure requires only a small incision in the underarm area, says Dr Schwartz. "More and more men and women of various ages are choosing to get an arm lift, and most patients are highly satisfied with the results," he adds.