25 January 2005

Genevieve and Sarah both decided to have cosmetic surgery to change their hated family features - and say it's been worth every penny! Genevieve had always felt upset about her legs and thighs, and Sarah hated her nose - and even though both had inherited the features from their mothers, they felt it was time to take action, so booked in for surgery at The Harley Medical Group... and are thrilled with the results

The Daily Express'Why We Got Rid Of Our Inheritance'

Daily Express

Why we got rid of our inheritance'

If you inherit a pear-shaped figure, a big nose or saddle-bag thighs from your mother, what would you do? Lucy Benyon talks to three women who opted for plastic surgeryGenevieve Rose, 21, a chef from Inverness, had always hated her flabby thighs and chunky legs, which she says she inherited from her mother, Rosalind, 50. Last year, Genevieve took out a loan for 4,000 to pay for liposuction. Rosalind thinks she was mad to have surgery but Genevieve is delighted with her new body. As soon as I hit my teens I started to feel really self-conscious about my pear-shaped figure. Although I had narrow shoulders, a tiny waist and a flat stomach, my hips jutted out and my legs looked huge. I felt completely out of proportion. I was a size eight on my top half, but a size 12 on my bottom half. My legs were so chunky I couldn't wear shorts or little skirts and I tried to hide my shape under baggy clothes and lots of layers. My mum thought I was overreacting. "I don't know what you are so worried about," she would say. "It's not as if you're fat or anything." She was right. My figure was just like my mum's and my grandmother's. It obviously ran in the family. But while my mum and grandmother were completely happy with the way they looked, I was more critical of myself, and just wanted to be perfect. I suppose to other people, I probably looked all right. At 5ft 4ins, I weighed 9st and was pretty fit. And it wasn't as if anyone else ever really noticed my thighs and legs. Nobody teased me at school. Boyfriends never commented on them. But that didn't change the way I felt about my shape. Feeling so out of proportion really affected my self-esteem and made me far less confident than I probably would have bee otherwise. I did try to change the way I looked. I went to the gym four or five times a week and pounded away on the treadmill. When that didn't work, I spent a small fortune on creams which claim to dissolve fat. Nothing worked. I started thinking about plastic surgery a couple of years ago when I noticed an advert in the back of a magazine. I remember thinking then that surgery could be the answer to all my prayers, but I figured it was the kind of thing that only rich people did. By January 2003, I had made the decision that I wanted it too - no matter how much it cost. Mum was horrified. "What if something goes wrong?" she said. "You shouldn't mess with what Nature has given you." But nothing she said could talk me out of it. When she saw how determined I was, she decided to help me find a good clinic. I finally settled on the Harley Medical Group. I went to see a consultant, then booked into one of their clinics in the Yorkshire Dales. Mum insisted on coming with me on the day of the operation and I was glad to have her there. But, however much I wanted to go ahead with surgery, I was still scared. Luckily, I was given a general anaesthetic for the two-hour procedure. The surgeon melted the fat under my skin and then drained it away through a tube. When I came round, I was incredibly sore. It really hurt to walk and I had to wear bandages under my clothes for several weeks. But when they came off, I was amazed by the difference. My jeans slipped on easily and my legs looked taut and toned. For the first time in my life I had a figure that I felt really proud of. I took out a bank loan to pay for the operation, which cost 3,995, but it was worth every penny. Sarah Lewis, 25, a recruitment consultant from Bristol, had rhinoplasty last year after years of hating her prominent nose. Her mother Vicky, 48, a manager for a drinks company, was so impressed by the results that she is now considering going under the knife herself. I started to really hate my nose when I was about 10. Suddenly it looked too big for my face and I felt "beaky". My obsession with it was my deepest secret. I couldn't tell anyone how I felt, because I didn't want to draw attention to it. I'd inherited my nose from my mum. My dad and two younger sisters all have tiny button noses and I really envied them. I had what people call a Roman nose. It was long and bumpy and looked big from every angle. If mum had a problem with her nose, she never said so. As I got older, I noticed that like me, she hated having her photo taken. She made a real effort to accentuate her lips and eyes with her make-up and I started doing the same. If there was anything I could do to distract from my nose, I did it. As a teenager, I used to dye my hair jet black, and show off my slim, size 10 figure. But however confident I may have appeared, underneath my self-esteem was in tatters. The only person I confided in was my boyfriend TJ, who's 27. We've been together for two years and I thought I could trust him well enough to let him know how I was feeling. He was lovely and told me I had nothing to worry about but I was pretty sure that I would never learn to live with my nose the way that it was. The first thing I did was to arrange a 4,000 bank loan to pay for the operation. My mum was really concerned that I was getting myself into debt, but to me the money wasn't an issue. Having surgery was something I had to do. I decided to go with the Harley Medical Group, after a friend had recommended them. I was incredibly nervous as I was given the general anaesthetic. I knew the surgeon would be breaking my nose and rebuilding it. When I came round half an hour later, I was struggling to breathe as I had huge wads of cotton wool stuffed up my nose, and a tube in my throat. Having cosmetic surgery was far more traumatic than I'd ever imagined, especially as I had to take two weeks off work for the bruising to heal. But when I finally got to see my new nose, my eyes welled up. It looked fantastic. TJ loved it too, but he says he's just glad that I have so much more confidence. As for my mum, she thinks I look fantastic, and has admitted that she would like to have a rhinoplasty herself.Read more about liposuction, rhinoplasty procedures and our cosmetic surgery guide.Contact us today to book your free liposuction or rhinoplasty consultation with one of our highly qualified Nurses.