Why women and men should never share Skin Care

Why women and men should never share Skin Care

9 January 2015

You might think it’s a great money-saver to just buy a bigger pot of your Skin Care products for you and your man to share, but it could result in several skin issues. Women and men’s skin has different needs, which makes it important to choose a formula based on skin type.

One Skin Care expert explains: “Men’s skin is much thicker, oilier and warmer (because men have more blood vessels) than women’s skin, therefore men need products that absorb more readily into skin and ones that take its oily nature into consideration.”

So what should each gender look out for? For men, finding a good cleanser is recommended. Not only will it help to prevent ingrown hairs when shaving but it will also ensure your skin gets a really good clean.

Women on the other hand should choose products that are gentler on the skin. Cream and gel formulas ensure that sufficient moisture is locked into the skin, rather than stripping your skin of its natural oils.

Anti-Ageing products are a must for women to keep their hydration levels up. Women’s skin ages faster than men’s skin on account of it being thinner and therefore more susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles.

Where ageing is concerned, women should look for products containing retinol to slow down those early signs, while men should apply eye cream to minimise the appearance of under eye wrinkles.

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