15 July 2010

An inspiration to women everywhere for holding onto her youthful looks into her 50s, Kim Cattrall - best known to audiences as Sex and the City's sassy Samantha - might be considering more than just Botox to keep her looking great on the big screen, according to cosmetic surgeons.With the success of Sex and the City 2 meaning another sequel is all but inevitable, recent photos have revealed that Kim might finally be showing signs of ageing - particularly in the area around her neck and jaw - and may seek out treatments such as a neck lift. "Kim Cattrall looks great - as always [but] she is developing some jowling and laxity of her neck," Manhattan-based cosmetic surgeon Dr David Shafer told Make Me Heal. "She may benefit by a lower facelift or necklift. Alternatively some fillers ... in her cheeks or ... along her jawline may help hold off surgery for the time being." Kim is no stranger to non surgical treatments, having expressed her admiration for Botox in the past as long as it is used moderately. "I think theres people who go overboard and theres people who dabble - and dabbling I find best," she told the Mirror. "I have a big crease between my eyebrows and I use Botox to get rid of that." Keeping busy between the Sex and the City films, Kim will also be appearing in the film Sweet Baby Jesus, released later in 2010.