04 February 2011

Allyson Donovan, the winner of controversial reality television show Bridalplasty, has told reporters that she received less cosmetic surgery than she bargained for. Donovan, who is from Chicago, Illinois, posted a status update on social networking site Facebook to say: Hey, I didnt get thigh lipo. lol :) The bride-to-be was announced as the winner of the show last week, and as a result won all of the cosmetic surgery procedures that were on her wish-list, as well as enough money to pay for her dream wedding. But having lost a significant amount of weight during the course of the 12-week series, some of the procedures, such as thigh liposuction, were no longer necessary. When asked why she took part in the show, Donovan said: I just wanted what a lot of women that are in their 30s that have had children want: to lose the baby weight, get rid of the belly pouch, erase wrinkles and have boobs that don't sag down to your belly button. And I was given the chance to compete for it for free.