Winner of cosmetic surgery pageant crowned

30 November 2010

The controversial beauty pageant that judges contestants on their cosmetic surgery and non surgical procedures, as well as their natural beauty, has crowned Alexandra Kocsis as the 2010 winner. Now in its second year, the beauty pageant has drawn comment from around the world with some supporting the event vehemently and others voicing their disapproval. Contestants are only allowed to enter the competition if they have received cosmetic surgery and required to produce medical records to prove it. Judges not only take into account the beauty of the girls competing for the crown, but a separate and specially chosen medical panel also adds points for the quality of the cosmetic work the contestants have had carried out. According to the Metro, Alexandra, who is a 24-year-old student, revealed that the neat stitching on her boob job was a factor in her top placing. She said: "I was very keen on sport when I was young that I never had enough fat on my body for a really great big pair of breasts. "So I asked my doctor to give nature a helping hand and his work turned out to be gorgeous. "The judges seemed to love them because they said my boobs and my operation were the most natural beauties in the show." Miss Plastic 2010 was held in Budapest, Hungary, and second and third places were awarded to Anita Gyuris and Kata Szakal, respectively.