10 March 2014

Laughing middle aged coupleAs ever more middle-aged men take the plunge to have various Cosmetic Surgical procedures, a new article has spotlighted the effects it has had on their personalities according to those closest to them. With high-profile celebrities such as David Beckham and Shane Warne said to be inspiring a new generation of the metrosexual man, this has "put pressure on other men to look a certain way", psychologist Amanda Hills told the Daily Mail."There are also increasing numbers of middle-aged men re-entering the dating scene who are swayed by the promises of surgery," she added. Yet one woman, Kim from Basildon, told the paper how her 55-year-old husband, David, had become more aware of his new appearance since seeing the successful results of a Liposuction procedure. "He is worse than ever the effort he puts into this appearance", she said. David, who lost 7lbs after undergoing the operation, said, however: "It was the best money Ive ever spent. It spurred me on to do more exercise. "Looking good gives me a buzz, which hasnt done our sex life any harm." Alex, from Chelmsford, Essex, went down a similar road when he realised he needed to lose some weight after meeting his future wife at work. Despite losing five stone through dieting, he still couldn't achieve the look he wanted, so paid to have Liposuction and now says that, three months on, he is happier than ever with his look and so is his wife: "And I think the operation will make our marriage happier," he added. Another patient, Kennie from Crawley, West Sussex, had an Otoplasty procedure to fix his protruding ears, after being self-conscious about them for years. His now ex-wife, Susan, recalled the instant change in his personality as soon as the bandages came off. "He smiled more, and he had the confidence to hold more conversations. Everyone complimented him, and our wedding day in June 2008 was undoubtedly all the better for it," she said. How has your husband or partner changed following his decision to have Cosmetic Surgery? Let us know on Facebook.