Woman describes how Breast Reduction surgery changed her life for the better

27 March 2014

78294670There are many reasons for wanting to undergo Breast Reduction surgery but New-Yorker based Victoria Carter makes it clear that she made this choice for herself, and no-one else. Ms Carter describes her Cosmetic Surgery journey in a recent blog post on xojane.com, saying that although the experience was completely different from her expectations, “I’d still do it all over again”. She goes into detail about her anxiety levels during the three days before her Breast Reduction, claiming to feel “sentimental attachment” to her old bras. At one point she even wonders whether she should just forgo the surgery altogether and embrace her body, but then she recalls the reasons why she wanted the procedure in the first place.“My boobs sucked. They hurt my back, they made clothes that I’d like to wear impossible and they made the rest of me invisible. I was tired of them and shouldn’t have to put up with them anymore if I don’t want to,” she writes. Ms Carter adds that she feels “genuinely good” about the procedure, as a result of it being for her and nobody else. Following her Breast Reduction, she says that the most surprising thing “is how normal I feel about my body”. “I was 100% prepared to look at my new boobs for the first time and fully freak out. Much to my delight there was no such event. I looked at my new tiny boobs and instantly accepted them”. -Have you had Breast Reduction surgery? Let us know how it changed your life, via Facebook.