Woman feels ’25 years younger’ after Blepharoplasty

9 October 2014

While exercising regularly and eating healthily can certainly help retain that youthful glow, sometimes we need a little more help than just Mother Nature – with Cosmetic Surgery often lending a helping hand.

One woman who reaped the benefits from this decision now feels 25 years younger – with Kate Shapland undergoing an upper Blepharoplasty (removing skin folded over the eyelids as well as the flaps at the sides). After deliberating over a number of high-profile surgeons, Shapland consulted the advice of French Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Olivier Amar.

Speaking of the operation, Dr Amar said: “It will take an hour and it will be you 15 years ago.”

Thanks to his expertise, Shapland now looks – and feels – younger. She said: “What has materialised is, as Dr Amar promised, the eyes I had 15 years ago. Actually, make that 25 years…The effect is subtle but so profound that my entire face appears lifted. I can’t quite believe it, so have to keep checking it’s true in mirrors and shop windows.”

The best part? She adds: “And I love the fact that when I do that I generally have liquid eyeliner on – something I haven’t been able to wear for years – and that I can now raise my left brow in the most cynical and disapproving way.”

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