08 May 2012

Channel 4 last night aired a documentary featuring a young British woman with size J breasts, in a bid to illustrate the medical benefits of breast reduction surgery. Serena, a 21-year-old mother-of-one, told Dr Pixie McKenna (and the nation) that her size J breasts were “embarrassing”, and that they cause lower back pain. She has struggled with the size and weight of her breasts for years and has difficulty finding tops to accommodate them. She admits that wearing low-cut tops can mean her breasts “pop out”.As a mother, Serena was desperately in need of help to do something about her breasts, which were restricting her abilities to run around and play with her son. She revealed that each of her breasts weighed the same as four bags of sugar. Dr Pixie recommended surgery on medical grounds and Serena went on to have 7lbs of breast tissue removed during the procedure. She is now able to run around in the park with her son and enjoy a life free from back pain and a restricted wardrobe. Watch the episode here: