Woman has frown muscle removed to prevent migraines

29 December 2011

Botox can be used to reduce the pain associated with migraines, but one woman has gone a step further and had her frown muscle removed. Pamela Mason, 47, who has suffered with migraines since the age of 14, was diagnosed as a regular sufferer and was advised to have her corrugator facial muscle removed. This is the muscle that allows a person to frown and is the muscle often targeted with Botox to relieve the pain of migraines. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Mrs Mason said: “It is wonderful. I have my life back again. “I suffered for so long and I always thought that was just how life was going to be. I would spend days on end in bed, unable to move or do anything,” she added.Of the potential downsides of the operation, Mrs Mason said: “I had to do it and I am so glad I did. I can’t frown now but since I got rid of my migraines I have got nothing to frown about.” Mrs Mason was treated with Triptan pills for years, an option which costs the NHS £8 per pill and which she said gave her symptoms similar to those of a bad hangover. She couldn’t be happier with the results of her facial surgery.