14 October 2011

A 22-year-old woman from Bangalore in India is to have an operation to reduce the size of her breasts which weigh 8kg each. The woman, who according to a report by the Bangalore Mirror newspaper has remained nameless, was at one time considering selling a kidney to pay for the surgery. But the breast reduction procedure will now be carried out free of charge by an American surgeon as part of an Aesthetic Breast Reduction Workshop.Not only has the 22-year-old been unable to take part in activities with other girls her age, she also suffers from considerable back pain and is extremely limited in the type of clothes she can wear. She said: "I have been insulted by people so many times. I went to private hospitals thinking they could help me. But I didnt have the money." Detroit-based cosmetic surgeon Dr Mune Gowda, has performed more than 1,000 similar procedures in the US. He said: "Having such large breasts is very disabling. In that case, breast reduction becomes functional and not just cosmetic". Around 100 people are expected to attend the hospital workshop.