21 August 2012

A woman suffering from lymphoedema has described how liposuction helped to ease the painful swelling in her left leg. After undergoing treatment for cervical cancer in 2001, 45-year-old Roisin Gallens leg swelled to twice its normal size, restricting her movement and making it very difficult to walk, the Daily Mail reported.She was suffering from lymphoedema, which is when a limb swells up as a result of damage to the lymphatic system. Although Roisin received treatment for the condition it was not effective and she started feeling as though she would rather lose her leg than continue living in constant pain. However, she then heard about a plastic surgeon at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee called Alex Munnoch, who was carrying out specialist lymphoedema liposuction. Roisin underwent the surgery in March 2012 and now her leg has returned to its normal shape, although she still has to wear a tight compression garment both day and night to prevent fluid from building up again in the future. People ask me whether it bothers me that I have to wear the garment - and its tight and hot in the summer, Roisin said. But I would honestly wear six of them at once if I had to rather than go back to how I was before my liposuction. Read the full story here: