25 March 2013

Attractive woman with dark complexionA woman who suffered from the common condition melasma, which left her skin dark and blotchy, has told how a course of cosmetic creams containing natural ingredients helped her regain her normal complexion after surgical treatments failed. Shaista Iqbal was driven to such levels of desperation by her condition that, she said to the Daily Telegraph, she even took the desperate measure of putting bleach on her skin to try to rid herself of the abnormal pigmentation. Shaista, 44, from Birmingham, is so proud of her now-smooth skin complexion that she spoke to the national newspaper to tell how she was helped to find a cure for her melasma by specialists from the Harley Medical Group. Melasma is caused by an excess of the substance melatonin in the body, the naturally-produced substance which gives skin its colour. But when someone suffers from a high level of exposure to ultraviolet light from both natural and man-made sources they can suffer an unnatural reaction which brings about a darkening of the skin's natural colour. Skin-lightening creams can be used to treat the condition, but the most effective of these types are those which contain hydroquinone and a form of vitamin A, because these can make a difference in a matter of weeks. And having seen these positive effects herself, Shaista is now happy to put on record her satisfaction at the results she has been helped to achieve. She said she now uses sunblock every day, and told other sufferers of melasma: "I want everybody who's got this condition to know there is a way out."