Woman’s Breast Enlargement gave her the confidence to start her own business

7 October 2014

Lucie Morgan has spoken out about how having a Breast Enlargement helped to boost her confidence and self-esteem.

As someone who had suffered from weight and self-esteem issues in her teens, it was only when she was verbally attacked while she was out celebrating her 18th birthday that she realised she needed to make a change.

She explained: “A group of girls falsely accused me of being disrespectful to one of them and before I knew it they had rounded on me, […] ridiculing me because of my size.

“It turned into the worst birthday ever.”

Deciding to take matters into her own hands, she embarked on a healthy diet and exercising regime – losing nine stone to become a size 8 (initially weighing 18st and being a size 20). However, her dramatic weight loss meant she was left with a less than generous bust – but thanks to some financial help from an ex-partner, she underwent the Cosmetic Surgical procedure in February 2013 and now has a busty size of 34DD.

Not only has this increased her bra size, the operation has also increased her confidence – something she was severely lacking in, given her aspirations in setting up her own business.

She adds: “I would never have fulfilled my dream of running a small business if I hadn’t had my boob job.

“I don’t care what people say but to be a success in business you don’t just need a brain, you need confidence too, something I never had before my operation.”

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