22 December 2010

A new poll has found that unhealthy lifestyles are causing women to look older than their age. The results of the survey found that lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking, eating junk food, using sun beds and failing to look after their skin are causing women to look on average 4.25 years older than they are. In the poll of 8,000 women it was also found that a quarter spend 10 minutes a day worrying about their aging, so it's hardly surprising that the number of people turning to non surgical solutions such as fillers and Botox are on the rise. According to the Daily Mail, the survey from Sculptra revealed that one in five women don't use moisturiser and 40 per cent regularly go out in the sun without sunscreen, despite the negative effects this is known to have on skin. What's more, a quarter of women said they eat junk food two to three times a week and the average woman drinks 448 units of alcohol and smokes 894 cigarettes a year - despite the fact that one in 10 women aged between 51 and 55 agonised about looking like their mother. It was also found that one in ten women aged between 25 and 66 said they would consider an injectable to help them look younger, while 9 per cent said they would turn to cosmetic surgery.