16 April 2010

Despite a rising number of men turning to cosmetic surgery, women still outnumber their male counterparts when it comes to having procedures done. However, a new survey has also found out that almost one fifth of women would buy their partner a plastic surgery treatment.The survey, carried out by The Good Surgeon Guide, found that as well as 18 per cent of women claiming they would pay for a cosmetic treatment, 31 per cent would encourage their partner to have a non invasive treatment as they got older. Of the 1,312 women surveyed, 48 per cent were found to care more about their partner's appearance than their own and 39 per cent admitted they try to style their boyfriend like a celebrity. The survey also asked whether women would end a relationship if their partner had bad dress sense and style. 43 per cent said they would try to improve their appearance, while 22 per cent said they would break up with them. When asked whether it was more acceptable for women to have cosmetic surgery than men, 56 per cent of the respondents said no and 16 per cent agreed that gender is irrelevant. According to news site Cosmetic News Portal, Christiana Clogg, founder of The Good Surgeon Guide said: "The decision to have a cosmetic treatment should be a personal one. Of course people ask the opinions of friends, family and spouses, but ultimately it will only be the individual going under the knife. Cosmetic surgery is becoming more acceptable within society every week; it shouldnt make a difference what sex you are."