12 March 2010

Women in Wales have been found to be the most likely in the UK to choose cosmetic surgery, with 10 per cent of women in the country having had some form of cosmetic treatment. The largest survey ever carried out concerning plastic surgery questioned 5,000 people around the UK, to identify the trends of different regions. The Telegraph reports that the survey was carried out by OnePoll for the website Safer Cosmetic Surgery, set up by UK surgeons who subscribe to common safety standards.A consultant plastic surgeon who works in the Swansea and Cardiff area, Dean Boyce, could not explain the findings. He said: "I have no idea why women in Wales are so keen on cosmetic surgery - I don't think it's because they are worse-looking. Maybe they are more open-minded about the idea, or more informed about it, or perhaps there is more advertising here than in other parts of the UK." Despite differing trends across the UK, breast surgery was found to the most popular procedure overall in Scotland and six English regions - whether for breast enlargement or breast reduction. However, nose jobs were found to be the most common procedure among women in Wales, London and Yorkshire and the Humber, while face lifts were most popular in Northern Ireland. As well as identifying differing trends in cosmetic surgery among women, the poll also asked women whether they would persuade their male partners to undergo cosmetic surgery. 23 per cent of women in Wales said they would encourage their partner to have liposuction on their chests to remove 'man boobs' if they were overweight.