Women most likely to opt for Cosmetic Surgery at 44

Women most likely to opt for Cosmetic Surgery at 44

22 September 2015

If we’re honest, there’s probably a little something about our appearance we’d all like to change. Maybe it’s your breasts, perhaps your stomach has never looked quite the same after pregnancy or you’ve always hated the shape of your nose. Whatever it is, Cosmetic Surgery gives us the option to change these things, and often gives patients a significant confidence boost to boot.

New research conducted by us at The Harley Medical Group has revealed that women are most likely to undergo Cosmetic Surgery at the age of 44. It’s an interesting stat, revealing 44 as the age when women commonly start to readdress their appearance (usually as the first signs of ageing start to show) and that patients are waiting until early middle-age to address what are often life-long body hang-ups.

A Tummy Tuck was the most desired surgery, closely followed by Breast Augmentation – trends which are in line with the recent rise of the Mummy Make-Over. However patients in their 40s are no longer trying to recreate the body of a 20-something, and rather are seeking subtle enhancement that will make them look like, ‘themselves on a really good day’.

The Harley Medical Group’s, Medical Director Simon Smith commented, “Women aren’t going to the extreme measures to change their appearance that we’ve seen in previous decades. However by the time many women are in their mid-40s they may sometimes choose to make some changes in order to maintain a youthful appearance.”

The desire for understated surgery results was confirmed as nearly have of the British women surveyed said they wouldn’t tell their friends and family about a cosmetic procedure and 72% wanted minor changes that only they will notice.

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Image credit: Goodluz/ Shuterstock