24 June 2010

With a hot summer fast approaching, an increasing number of people are realising the advantages of Botox as an effective treatment to combat sweating.A Canadian survey has found that three in four women worry about showing signs of sweating, but for some people it's an even more serious concern. The Windsor Star reports that between two and three per cent of the population suffers from hyperhidrosis - a condition resulting in excessive sweating that leaves some areas of the body constantly damp, which can be a great cause of embarrassment to many sufferers. Fortunately, a quick and simple treatment for excessive sweating is widely available in the form of localised Botox injections. These can be used to target the sweat glands in certain areas of the body and prevent them from creating excess levels of sweat. "If someone is sweating from the armpits, the hands or the feet, then it's certainly one of the most effective and safest treatments," explained Toronto-based dermatologist, Dr Benjamin Barankin. "Psychologically, there are very significant repercussions [of hyperhidrosis]. A lot of the patients are very embarrassed and often less likely to go out. "And even though two to three per cent of the population has the disorder, people hardly talk about it." As well as being an effective treatment for those suffering from the condition, it was recently revealed that more men are choosing anti-sweat Botox treatments in the UK too, in preparation for the sweltering summer. Colloquially dubbed 'Sweatox', the collagen treatments are popular for their speed and long-lasting effects.