05 May 2011

Younger women, under the age of 45, make the best patients for liposuction surgery, according to one cosmetic surgery expert. Dr Aamer Khan revealed that while liposuction can give great results for most people who want to sculpt the shape of their bodies, because skin starts to lose its elasticity with age, results can be less effective in patients in their fifties, sixties and seventies. Certain areas of the body respond better to liposuction surgery than others too, according to Dr Khan, who specified inner and outer thighs, bottom, knees and hips as places which tend to see the best results. Having said that, patients who are considered to be obese or who are 30 per cent or more over their healthy body weight are not considered to be suitable for the surgery. Neither are those looking to get rid of cellulite, nor those whose weight fluctuates dramatically as a result of yo-yo dieting.