16 May 2012

Underarm hair and sweat patches are being targeted by British women keen to improve their appearance, according to reports. An article by the Daily Mail said beauty salons and clinics across the country had experienced a surge in demand for treatments aimed at beautifying women's underarms.Staff at Harvey Nichols' beauty department have pointed to Botox injections as the en vogue treatment that women want. The injectable, which is usually associated with efforts to hold back wrinkles and frown lines, can also be used to treat hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating). The treatment can be performed quickly, with an injection under the arms which helps to combat over-productive sweat glands. Dr Preema Vig, director of Beyond Beauty at Harvey Nichols, said: "We have seen a huge increase in people wanting Botox for their underarms. "Women are fed up with sweat patches and this is an effective treatment, which lasts at least six months. Every client I've used it on has been delighted with the results." Dr Vig said laser hair removal treatments had also grown in popularity, with women looking to prevent underarm hair growth. She said: "It dramatically reduces hair growth — and is especially good for dark, brittle hairs."