04 August 2009

Recent figures have suggested that a growing number of women are electing to invest in their future career by choosing cosmetic surgery procedures. The current economic climate has had a number of effects on the cosmetic surgery industry, including trends in non surgical solutions, which have seen a boost while more intensive cosmetic surgery procedures have declined slightly in recent times. Secondly, the increasingly fierce job market has sparked a trend for men - particularly city workers, civil servants and those who work in politics, law and accountancy - to rejuvenate their appearances and boost their chances of success in interviews. Now it seems that this inclination is being adopted by working women also. According to news site Fierce Healthcare, new research from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has found that almost 3.5 million women in the workplace have already undergone some form of cosmetic surgery as an investment in their working future. This equates to about 3 per cent of working women in the US. The organisation also found that many of these women have been using their holidays to undergo procedures and recuperate, rather than choosing to undergo the recuperation process while still at work. The news follows other, similar reports from around the world as the global economy continues to suffer. For example, last month it emerged that China had also joined the cosmetic surgery trend for those hoping to increase their chances of securing a good job.