07 November 2011

The annual global spend on cosmetic surgery is between $30 billion and $40 billion, and a top plastic surgeon believes $10 billion of this is wasted money. Beverley Hills plastic surgeon Dr Francis Palmer has issued a warning to consumers that they could be wasting hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars on unnecessary procedures that could leave them looking less attractive, not more.Dr Palmer is concerned that a large proportion of patients are wasting money by choosing unqualified surgeons and unregistered clinics, increasing their chances of having botched cosmetic procedures. He is also worried that patients dont always choose ethical surgeons, in other words those who will give advice based on all the information and not just to make a sale. Dr Palmer wrote his book, The Palmer Code, to help patients make the right decision about surgery and to take the guess work out of cosmetic procedures. It contains a mathematical pattern which he says defines beauty based on shapes, angles and proportions of the body and face.