WorldÂ’s biggest Skin Care market is South Korea

07 August 2014

Here’s something you don’t get to hear every day: according to recent research, South Korea is home to the world’s biggest men’s Skin Care market. Making up for 60 per cent of the men’s Skin Care market (which is fast becoming part of the $33bn male grooming industry) these are statistics that have caught the eye of Male Skin Care manufacturers. According to one Skin Care range founder: “We looked at where the biggest men’s skincare market is and a lot of people don’t realise but Asia is actually 60 per cent of the men’s skincare market and South Korea is actually the biggest men’s skincare market in the world, so we decided to focus on Asia.” The expert explained that the idea behind his Skin Care range for men was based on his findings from personal experience. He said: “Men’s skin is actually a little bit different to women’s; there’s a different chemical layer on the outside of the skin, it’s a little bit tougher, most men shave daily and most women use make-up which traps the moisture in, so men’s skin tends to be drier.” It is thought that the popularity of Male Skin Care will spread to western countries as it is “already the fastest growing sector in the beauty and grooming category”. Do these statistics surprise you? With male grooming becoming a hugely popular industry, are you a fan of the metrosexual man? Vote now on Twitter.