10 April 2013

Attractive woman with dark complexionYoung Indian men and women are increasingly prepared to resort to forms of cosmetic surgery to get the looks which in turn give them the confidence to make the most of their potential. And TheHindu.com has just reported on the cases of a young man and woman, who both chose to surgically enhance their looks as a way of increasing their chances of getting on in life but who had widely differing reasons for doing so. Sanjay (not his real name) said an accident in his youth had resulted in him having a "boxer's nose". However, as a result, he was, he said, "often [mistaken] to be an aggressive kind of person", which, he said, was greatly affecting his confidence. Despite this, he landed a job with a multi-national company in Dubai, but said he was "worried that the first impression on my boss and colleagues would be negative. "So I decided to get my nose fixed," he said. Aminikha whose name was also changed by TheHindu.com's editors believed her thin lips were affecting her confidence, which she believed was affecting her chances of getting a job interview in her chosen job sector, the hospitality business. The Hindu points out that these are just two examples of a trend which has seen doctors report year-on-year increases of 25 to 30 per cent in the number of cosmetic treatments being carried out for similar reasons. Dr Sunil Choudhary, director of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery at a private hospital in south Delhi, said it was especially common for people seeking jobs in marketing, communications and human resources to seek treatments.