06 September 2012

Injections of Botox may help to ease the symptoms for women suffering from urinary incontinence. Medical trials in the UK have suggested that Botox injections could be used to help treat overactive bladder syndrome. The substance is more commonly known as a cosmetic treatment, used by men and women to help fight lines and wrinkles.Researchers at the University of Leicester carried out a study involving 240 women who had failed to respond to traditional treatments for overactive bladder syndrome. According to reports, they discovered that women who received injections of Botox in the wall of their bladder were less likely to suffer symptoms, compared to those women who were injected with a dummy control solution. However, the researchers also found that women injected with Botox were more likely to suffer from a bladder infection. Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox, has already filed for permission to market its product in the US and the UK for people suffering from urinary incontinence who have had no success with anticholinergic drugs - usually prescribed to treat the condition. See original article here: