03 May 2012

The future of the euro is still seen as uncertain by some commentators and the UK economy is officially in recession once more, but the cosmetic surgery sector appears to be beating the downturn. Austerity measures and tight household budgets are not having an adverse affect on sales of breast implants or injectable cosmetic treatments, according to US pharmaceutical firm Allergan.The company, which manufacturers Botox, has seen sales of the product increase over the past year helping it to boost revenues, the Financial Times reported. In addition, Allergan has seen double-digit growth of breast implants across its European markets. The company's chief executive David Pyott told the newspaper: "In southern Europe, people spend a higher proportion of their income on appearance and lifestyle. They are happy to live in a modest apartment and look good facially and body-wise when they go out." Sales of Botox for medical rather than cosmetic purposes have become increasingly important to the firm. The injectable is currently used by doctors to treat medical issues such as migraines, and the company is looking to get approval for new uses, such as the treatment of overactive bladder problems.