03 February 2014

Woman applying face creamFilm awards season is upon us again, prompting one London-based skincare expert to list her top tips for both men and women looking to step out onto the red carpet with confidence. Amanda Elias writes for the Huffington Post's beauty blog: "Fresh, glowing skin is the best accessory [for] red carpet glitz and glamour and you don't need a celebrity budget to look good". She says thorough and regular routines for exfoliating, cleansing and moisturising can all achieve results equivalent to those of the A-listers expected on the red carpet over the coming weeks, for a fraction of the amount many of them will spend.Her top product choice is a chemical exfoliator containing AHAs such as Glycolic or Lactic acid, or Salicylic acid. These will gently loosen dead skin from the surface, without causing inflammation or irritation, Elias says. The same product is also recommended for helping to open pores and remove dead skin and oil which causes Acne and blackheads. A chemical exfoliant will also remove skin discolouration left behind after spots have disappeared, she says. A similar effect can be achieved a little faster by undergoing non-surgical treatments such as Skin Peels and Medical Microdermabrasion. These skin treatments encourage new cell renewal, leaving skin looking brighter, clearer and smoother. For maximum results, a combination of the two is usually recommended. Any skin cleansing should be done once in the morning and twice every evening, Elias recommends. "The majority don't cleanse enough," she says, also recommending that anyone who finds their skin feeling dry after this routine should change their cleanser and everyone should steer clear of standard soap. Finally, she reinforces the regular tip of using a moisturiser containing an SPF ingredient. The UVA sunrays which cause premature ageing are still present even when the weather is grey and miserable, Elias cautions.