18 February 2014

Sexy danceAn Irishwoman has just celebrated the first anniversary of her Breast Reduction surgery by speaking out in a leading newspaper about the life-changing effect it has had. Amanda Brunker, a columnist with the Sunday World newspaper, used her regular column this week to extol the benefits she has felt, calling the procedure "life-changing". "It gave me a totally new lease of life and for any woman sitting on the fence about making such a bold move, I suggest you check out all your options, meet as many surgeons as possible, choose the right clinic and just go for it," she wrote.She added "hand on heart" that she didn't feel sore after her procedure, even divulging that she stopped taking her prescribed painkillers after just three days. A year after her op, Brunker also says her scarring is minimal, and recommends using Argan oil and a selection of other creams, "and they're working a treat," she adds. Summing up her feelings immediately after her procedure, Brunker says: "I was really thrilled at being left with two beautifully pert, round, symmetrical boobs that both pointed outwards at 90 degrees, not vertically down or somewhere off to the left". She adds: "Twelve months on the newer, more aerodynamic me is slipping into dresses I could have never considered wearing before and I can now skip down the road, or sit at my desk for hours on end, totally pain free." Finally, she says that she decided to 'go public' about her procedure "because no one else seems to be talking about having Breast Reduction surgery and because it's such a major operation, that's scary."