09 November 2012

The news that increasing numbers of American men are turning to Botox and other minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, has prompted a journalist on a Jackson, Missouri newspaper to grasp the nettle and undergo regular treatments himself. Eddie Outlaw, who writes for the Jackson Free Press, explains that he was researching the rise in men's interest in non-surgical procedures when he was asked directly by his partner whether he would like a Botox treatment.Since then, he revealed that the treatments he has undergone have included a brow lift, while the Botox has "calmed the crow's feet and halted the downward slide of my cheeks". Outlaw, who is 41, admits that he smokes and drinks, but says that he is now in the course of undergoing "a maintenance program that has given me a youthful glow". And he enthusiastically encourages other men to follow his lead, saying: "You only have one face. If for no other reason than to be more appealing to your significant other, take care of it."