X Factor's Louis Walsh admitted to eyelid surgery - unlike Simon

20 July 2010

It has long been rumoured that X Factor judge Louis Walsh had cosmetic surgery to reduce the signs of ageing. The Irish music mogul has admitted that he had work done - though said his fellow judge Simon Cowell is not always so open."I got my eyes done and I admitted it - unlike Simon!" Louis told Star magazine. The 57-year-old first voiced his desire to have eye bag removal surgery last September, and he reportedly had the procedure to achieve a fresher and more youthful appearance in time for the return of The X Factor to British screens - as well as admitting he had set his sights on the judging panel of the American incarnation of the show. Louis previously spoke about his use of Botox to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, saying: "Of course I have and Iíll have it done again. Itís called maintenance." Discussing his future plans for plastic surgery, Louis did not deny that he would consider further improvements, but said: "I donít think I will get any more work done yet. "But Simon has booked in for his usual surgeries. I donít know what bits of him are real any more - I donít think he does, either," he joked. Louis added that everyone involved in the show was wishing Cheryl Cole a quick recovery, following her stay in hospital with malaria. "I know Simon has been texting her and keeping in touch so she knows everyone on the show is really wishing her well," he said.