10 October 2013

Monroe 7 Year Itch Pose In NeonShe's probably the ultimate female icon but new evidence suggests that glamorous Marilyn Monroe may have had some surgical help to retain her screen siren looks. The evidence comes in the form of medical notes which are due to be sold off by a Beverly Hills-based auction house next month. They suggest that, in 1950, Monroe, born Norma Jean Baker, had a cartilage implant in her chin, and that this began to dissolve some years later.The notes were written by Hollywood plastic surgeon Dr Michael Gurdin. And according to a report in The Scotsman newspaper, whilst they don't conclusively prove Monroe had the operation, they "strongly hint" that she did. The identity of the seller of the notes is not known, but they told the auctioneers that they were given to them as a gift by Dr Gurdin. Martin Nolan, executive director of the auction house, said that the notes, along with a set of six X-rays of parts of Monroe's face, are expected to fetch up to $30,000 (18,650).