16 November 2010

The large number of people choosing yo-yo dieting as a way of solving their weight problems is driving an increase in the amount of cosmetic surgery treatments for stretch marks and sagging skin. A new survey had discovered that the nation's women are suffering from the after effects of years of yo-yo dieting.According to the study, the average woman will have four different dress sizes and five different bra sizes over the course of her lifetime. This variation in size is thought to be attributed to various weight losses and gains caused in a large part by yo-yo dieting. According to the Express, it was also found that that a dieter's weight could fluctuate by two to three stone - something that can have a dramatic effect on her appearance. What's more, the constant changes that can be caused by yo-yo dieting can have long term effects on the body. By losing and gaining weight regularly, people run the risk of suffering from problems such as stretch marks, sagging skin and drooping breasts and The Harley Medical Group has found that a third of all female patients booking treatments are looking for ways to minimise the effects of weight gain or loss. What's more, bookings for laser stretch mark treatments have boomed by 60 per cent in the past month, following the introduction of new scar and stretch mark treatment technology to treat a problem suffered by many women and men across the country.