04 November 2009

A survey by the Girl Guides which found that almost half of young teenage girls questioned would consider cosmetic surgery has caused quite a stir recently. And so it should, if we are talking about these teens considering and trying to undergo cosmetic surgery so young. But there's something I think that a lot of critics are missing here - how many people can say they were truly self confident when they were a teenager?I remember hating everything from my hair colour to my knees to the clothes my mum bought me way back when. I wanted to change all of it. But by the time I got to my late teens and early twenties, I was a very different person and I was much more confident too. You do a lot of growing up during your teens and much of that is to do with the way you see yourself in the world. I can't help wondering how many of these girls are considering cosmetic surgery in only the most general way - in the same way teenagers might long to wear outrageous fancy dresses or to cut their hair in a sexy style their mum wouldn't allow over her dead body. Cosmetic treatments seem like the kind of things girls might be thinking about when daydreaming about being grown up these days, and I guess that - with the advances in cosmetic surgery in recent years - it shouldn't come as much of a surprise. When I was younger we all wanted perms - not quite the same thing I know, but I soon got fed up with that hair style as I left my teens behind let me tell you. That's why, here at Harley Medical Group, we firmly believe in only advocating plastic surgery for teens over 18. If you're under 18, you aren't even considered old enough to buy a bottle of wine, so why should people think you're old enough to make choices like that? There's plenty of time for young women to discover the adult world for themselves - until then they can carry on dreaming about the things they'll do when they're older. Whether they'll end up doing any of these things or not is another question!