18 November 2010

A new survey commissioned by beauty brand Olay has revealed that younger women are more interested in cosmetic surgery and non surgical treatments. The Big British Beauty Poll asked 20,000 thousand women ranging from 18-65 about their beauty habits and found that the number of women who said yes to cosmetic surgery was highest in the 18-35 age groups. According to the Daily mail, the percentage of women who said yes tailed off gradually after the age of 35. Consultant plastic surgeon Nick Percival explained: "The age at which women are having facial rejuvenation surgery is going down. Ten years ago the average age for a facelift was between 50 and 60, but its now as young as the 40s. "With more media exposure to cosmetic surgery and procedures becoming ever more sophisticated, the numbers of younger women having surgery will no doubt continue to increase." The women were also asked which signs of aging they were most concerned about, and 34 per cent said it was wrinkles that worried them most with a sagging jaw line a close second at 31 per cent. While there has been an increase in the number of people looking for face lifts or mini lifts to tighten up jaw lines, the survey also found that an increasing number of women are turning to non surgical solutions to help them combat wrinkles. With 67?per cent of women questioned indicating they have had or would consider anti-ageing facials, 43?per cent microdermabrasion, 27 per cent facial peels, 25 per cent laser re-surfacing, 24 per cent cosmetic surgery and 21 per cent for Botox. What's more, 75 per cent of women said they considered youthful-looking and even-toned skin as their biggest beauty attribute.