Your Laser Hair Removal questions answered

Your Laser Hair Removal questions answered

19 October 2015

Silky, smooth skin with minimal maintenance – it’s the stuff our beauty dreams are made of!  Laser Hair Removal is a fantastic innovation, so what do you need to know about the treatment?

  • It’s a permanent hair reduction

Laser Hair Removal offers a permanent reduction – rather than complete removal – of unwanted hair growth. Statistics show as much as 95% of the hair targeted by a series of treatments is removed for good, though some hair growth can occur following a course of treatments because it is possible for new hair follicles to develop due to hormonal changes or fluctuations in weight.

  • There is some discomfort involved

If you’re currently removing your body hair you’ll know there is some discomfort involved in most methods - even shaving can leave you with an irritating razor rash. The sensation of Laser Hair Removal is commonly likened to snapping an elastic band against the skin, though many patients report the treatment was not as bad as they had anticipated and often they think it is more comfortable than waxing.

  • All skin tones can now be treated

In the past it was true that only dark hairs and fair skin tones were suitable for Laser Hair Removal. However, as technologies have developed new, advanced lasers mean it is possible to treat all skin tones and blonde, red, grey and dark hair colours.

  • There are some risks involved, and so it’s important to visit a reputable clinic

In the UK Laser Treatments are no longer legally regulated, and so in some clinics there is no one responsible for checking the quality of the equipment being used or the training of the staff using it. This is not the case at The Harley Medical Group, however, and we are proud that all our clinics keep the very high standards regulated by the Quality Care Commission.

A poor Laser Hair Removal treatment can cause burns, blisters and changes to the pigmentation of your skin, so it’s hugely important to research the safety record of any clinic you visit.

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Image credit: Andrev_Popov/ Shutterstock