Your Spring Skincare Shake-Up

Your Spring Skincare Shake-Up

30 March 2016

Your Spring Skincare Shake-Up

While the clocks going back meant we all lost an hour of precious beauty sleep last weekend, it also signalled the start of springtime in the UK. And although the weather leaves a lot to be desired (as usual), this means it’s time to consider your spring-summer skincare regime.

As there are so many different skin types and everyone reacts differently to the changing weather, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to spring skincare. However, there are a few things you can do to keep your skin healthy as the weather (hopefully) improves:

  • Look for changes to your skin

Some people may not notice any changes to their skin, but others will be all too aware that the thick, heavy moisturisers they use in winter are too much for warmer conditions.

If this happens, try a super rehydrating but lighter gel moisturiser for spring instead - it will prevent dryness but without blocking your pores.

  • Take extra care in the sun – even if it’s not HOT

Just because you still need a coat or a jumper doesn’t mean the sun isn’t hot enough to cause damage to your skin. Be sure to wear SPF if you leave the house on a sunny day.

Then, importantly, reapply it throughout the day as it can – and does – wear off. You should also try and avoid having your face in the direct sunlight - it can lead to blemishes and can dry out your skin.

  • Use a clay mask

The warmer weather and regular application of sunscreen can result in spots, sweating and blemishes on the skin. You definitely should not cut down on the sunscreen, as it helps to protect your skin from the sun, but you could apply a clay mask several times a week to treat the skin and prevent frustrating breakouts.

What skincare regime do you follow during the spring and summer months? Share your thoughts and tips with us on Facebook.


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