18 November 2010

Having a baby is one of the most precious and important things that will ever happen to you, and for women everywhere it's a very personal and private experience. However, it seems as though this special time is being more and more influenced - like so many things these days - by celebrities. Earlier this week I was reading the Metro online and I found an article saying that new mothers were getting caught up in the pressure to lose weight after having a baby - and that a lot of this was to do with celebrities and their seemingly impossible ability to snap back into their pre-baby shape very soon after giving birth. While I know how hard it is to stop comparing yourself to the pictures in the magazines - it really can be a struggle! - it's important you don't especially if you've only recently had a baby. Just remember that most celebrities have the benefit of personal dieticians and trainers to help them lose weight, and many may have turned to cosmetic surgery - although not all will admit it! The chances of you bouncing back and fitting into your jeans in a matter of weeks are pretty much non-existent, but that doesn't mean that you're doing a bad job of dieting. Your body should take a while to adjust to its new shape, and you could find that breast feeding helps you drop the pounds faster than you might think. And if you find your body changing in ways you're not happy with after pregnancy, if you're suffering from sagging skin or breasts for example, you won't have to suffer in silence. Mummy makeovers are consistently popular with women who hope to improve their bodies following childbirth. From tummy tucks to breast lifts or stretch mark removal, there could be an option to have you feeling more like yourself again. Always remember though, you only have to be the best you can be - so there's no point comparing yourself negatively to superstars!