Zara Dampney - Volleyball Athlete's Blog for The Harley Medical Group

30 July 2012

2012 is an exciting year for me and my Beach Volleyball partner Shauna Mullin,  so far this year we have competed in the World Tour in Rome, China, Brazil and Moscow as we’ll be competing together in our first ever Olympics – something we’ve both dreamed about since we were little girls! We want to keep competing in the lead up to the Games as well as still doing technical and physical training with the aim of peaking in August. We’ve been rigorously training six days a week as we want to ensure we’re as prepared as we can be. In addition to our training and in preparation for the Games, I’ve been having Laser Hair Removal at The Harley Medical Group. Being hair free is really important to me as I constantly play in regulation bikini bottoms and a sports bra. With so many eyes on us when we are playing, we are definitely no strangers to wanting to look and feel our best. Since starting the treatment results are really beginning to show and I no longer have to worry about shaving before every match, it’s made a huge difference to me in terms of both convenience and confidence. Overall my experience with The Harley Medical Group has been very positive. Shauna and I hadn’t realised the wide range of non-surgical treatments on offer and now that we have visited the clinic, we definitely would consider trying some of the others. Zara