Southampton Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

The clinic opened in April 2007 close to the city centre and the coastal line of the historical City of Southampton in Hampshire. So why not combine your consultation or treatments with some retail therapy or a visit to the sea side!

Since 2015 the Southampton Clinic has a brand new enthusiastic team of highly experienced Practitioners and Nurses along with more availability, with the clinic now opening Monday to Saturday!

Our Southampton clinic has state-of-the-art equipment and offers the latest non-surgical treatments, Cosmeceutical products, Prescriptive skincare solutions as well as cosmetic surgery consultations.

It offers clinical consultations for all cosmetic surgery procedures, such as Breast Enlargement & Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) as well as all laser & skin treatments including Laser Hair Removal & Anti-Ageing Injections, and work alongside highly experienced surgeons, nurses and aesthetic practitioners.


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Opening hours

Monday9am - 8pm
Tuesday9am - 8pm
Wednesday9am - 8pm
Thursday9am - 8pm
Friday9am - 5pm
Saturday9am - 6pm

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There is metered parking available on surrounding streets near to the Clinic.

 Pay and display (2 hours Max Stay) – Collage Place – off London Road

Cranberry Terrace – 2 hours Max Stay free on street parking (10 min walk to the clinic)


If you know this area of Southampton already, these local landmarks should help you to find us.
We are situated on The Avenue, also known as the Inner Avenue. Across from the Law Courts, on the other side of the wooded green.

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Disabled Access


Southampton Team


Trish Lead Nurse

Trish is a Registered General Nurse (RGN), Trainer & Assessor, Infection Control Link Nurse and Surgical Care Nurse. She is a highly qualified and very experienced nurse having studied at Southampton General and began her Nursing career in General ward nursing and progressed onto becoming a practice nurse.

Trish gives great care and advice to all her patients ensuring that they are assured and well prepared before surgery and that they receive continued aftercare and advice in the following weeks after. She looks after her team in clinic and ensures that high standards are kept on a daily basis ensuring that Southampton strives to succeed with customer service and treatments.

She plays a part within the company as a whole as well as within her clinic, giving presentations to pass on her knowledge and helping to continually improve all aspects of non surgical treatments. She also brings an element of fun and surprise to the clinic with her daily jokes and high spirits.

Fun Fact: Trish enjoys travelling to her holiday home in Spain and spending time with her husband, daughters and grandchildren.


Laura Nurse Counsellor

Laura is a registered general nurse with many years’ experience, after she qualified she worked in haematology and oncology on a nurse led unit, in a highly specialised role.

Laura has been working in Aesthetics for the last couple of years and is a member of the British Association for Cosmetic nurses, she is highly passionate about giving patients high quality, holistic care. 

Laura has been with The Harley medical Group since Early 2018, she is very devoted to her role and always find times to take an interest in her patients’ lives outside of THMG. 

Fun fact: Laura loves a challenge and participates in a range of fitness including: weights, hot yoga, skiing and wake boarding. She has also completed two 10 mile tough mudder races. Laura is married and a mum of two boys, she loves taking them on holiday and making sure she keeps them busy to burn some of their energy off!


Georgina Aesthetic Practitioner

Georgina joined The Harley Medical Group in March 2018. She has over 9 years’ experience within the industry. She has an extensive knowledge in the anatomy of skin and hair which enables her to guide and plan a treatment programme for her patients in order to achieve the best results. Georgina strives to provide excellent customer service with every patient she sees ensuring  everyone has an outstanding experience at every visit.

Fun Fact: Georgina enjoys spending time with her husband and two children while not at work as well as going on breaks away to visit and explore different cities and countries.


Alex Clinic Administrator

Alex has great knowledge of the clinic and its patients, helps the clinic to run smoothly whilst offering our patients excellent customer service and will always go the extra mile for them. Alex displays a wonderful work ethic and is always happy to help her colleagues as well as Patients.

Fun Fact: Alex enjoys spending time with her toddler daughter when she is not at work and spending time in the sun with her husband to be and daughter in exotic destinations.

George Samouris

George Samouris Surgeon

Mr George Samouris

Consultant surgeon in Plastic Surgery
GMC Number: 7064009

Mr Samouris qualified as a doctor in 2004 following his studies at the University of Messina (Italy) and undertook his specialist training in some of the most prestigious hospitals in UK and Greece.

Mohsen El Gammal

Mohsen El Gammal Surgeon

GMC Number: 4053208

Mohsen El Gammal is a Plastic Surgeon specialising in Breast Enlargement and Breast Reduction Surgery in Brighton and Southampton. Dr Gammal is on the General Medical Council Specialist Register for Breast Surgery (GMC Number: 4053208) and European Board Certified in Breast Surgery (FEBS).

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures And Laser & Skin Treatments

Our Surgical Procedures

At The Harley Medical Group we take pride in delivering a high level of service by highly trained professionals. Which is why you can ask our team in the Southampton Clinic any question about the procedure and know that the answer you will receive will be honest, comprehensive and informative. Our specialist surgeons are highly skilled and very experienced and our hospitals are world class. 

We also have an extensive list of past patients who will be happy to tell you about their experiences and what you can expect, in addition we have before and after pictures for you to look through. 


Procedures consulted for: 

Breast Enlargement  (Breast Augmentation)Rhinoplasty  (Nose Reshaping)
Breast Lift  (Mastopexy)Ear Reshaping  (Otoplasty)
Breast ReductionEye Bag Removal - Upper and / or Lower  (Blepharoplasty)
Male Chest Reduction  (Gynaecomastia)Face Lift  (Rhytidoplasty)
LiposuctionNeck Lift  (Platysmaplasty)
Tummy Tuck  (Abdominoplasty)Brow Lift  
Arm and Thigh LiftChin Implants
Cosmetic Gynaecology 


At The Harley Medical Group we use Mentor Breast Implants to achieve the most natural result whatever size you choose. Implants can be inserted in a variety of different ways and your Cosmetic Surgeon will discuss the best method for you at your free, initial consultation.

For more information please visit our Breast Surgery pages.


We also consult for a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures for men.


Our Laser & Skin Treatments

Our Southampton clinic team is fully trained in Laser, Skin & Body Treatments and are available for free consultations for all non surgical treatments anytime during our opening times. We continually expand our range of treatments so there is something for everyone, from Medical Microdermabrasion to Laser Hair Removal. Our newest product range Dermaquest gives us the ability to provide a personalized product prescription to every individual as a part of each skin treatment enabling clinic results from home, maintenance in-between treatments and as aftercare . We would always advise starting with a Skin Analysis and then a suitable treatment course can be discussed with you.


Treatments currently available are:

Laser Hair RemovalObagi Blue Skin Peel
Anti-Ageing Injection TreatmentsAcne Solutions
Dermal FillersHyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)
Thread Vein Removal (Laser and Sclerotherapy)Facial Rejuvenation
Skin Peel (Non-Glycolic) 



We are pleased to launch DermaQuest's advance skincare range. The high-quality formulas in DermaQuest's treatments and home care products have been crafted and tailored to treat every level of skin concern, distress or desire that our clients may have. We look forward to sharing this advanced skincare range with you, and we would be delighted to welcome you into the clinic for a skin consultation


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Patient Testimonies

We understand that reading about other patient experiences is important to you so we have put a selection of stories online for you to read. When you attend your free consultation, your nurse counsellor will be able to offer you the opportunity to talk to previous patients about their experiences here at the Southampton Clinic. 


Rae Moore - Breast Enlargement

I’ve always been conscious of my breasts from the early years of secondary school and being aware that other girls were developing more than me, I always felt the need to wear padded bras for confidence and pick my clothing around my figure to try and give the appearance of a more womanly, fuller breasted figure. 

Having my breasts enlarged was something I always considered as I knew it would build my confidence and change my life, in a way that only I would appreciate. It was always something that I would end up talking myself out of because I didn’t really understand the process and was nervous about voluntarily having surgery. I researched the main cosmetic surgery companies and I wanted one I felt genuinely comfortable with. However, after doing a lot of research, this all changed when I found The Harley Medical Group. The Harley Medical Group, for many reasons, was my first choice.

I finally plucked up the courage and booked my initial consultation at the clinic with one of the Surgical Counsellors. At this appointment my Surgical Counsellor took me through step by step the processes of having surgery with The Harley Medical Group and explained to me in further detail what Breast Augmentation surgery entailed. This helped to answer a lot of the questions I had been wondering about for years and put my mind at ease about the surgery itself. My counsellor was very approachable and knowledgeable and I felt comfortable about asking any question, however small or complex I felt it was and I did not feel rushed. I was able to try on implants with a special sizing breast implant that you put into a specially designed bra with a top over the top to visually see what having implants would look like. This made me very excited at the prospect of having breasts for the first time and couldn’t wait to meet the surgeon and take the next steps.

I decided to book in my consultation with the surgeon, Mr Mark Solomos, and this was the best decision I ever made taking that leap to take the first steps of cosmetic surgery. At the consultation, Mark, was great. First we discussed what it was that I didn’t like about my breasts, why I wanted surgery and what my expectations of my outcome would be. After listening carefully to my reasons, taking on board my expectations and examining my breasts and body frame, he discussed what size, shape and profile of implant would be best suited and explained to me what he hoped to achieve and the results I could expect. I was able to try on the implants again at this appointment but this time with the sizes he had recommended so we could choose together and decided on a size and shape that worked both with my body frame and existing tissue to help me achieve the size and look I was aiming for.

After trying on the implants in my initial consultation I had expected that Mark would choose something fairly small considering I was a 32 A cup size pre surgery, also because I wanted them natural and a similar size to what they were when wearing my super padded bras. When he discussed the size he would be looking to take me after taking into consideration my wishes it was a lot bigger than I expected and took me a little by surprise, but as he is a multi skilled surgeon and is highly experienced I had complete faith and trust in him and decided to go for his recommendation, which was the best decision.

On the day of surgery I drove to the Highgate hospital in London with my mum and fiancé. As soon as I got to the hospital the staff were lovely and very welcoming and showed me to my room where I made myself comfortable. My mum and my Fiancé were with me for support and the staff had no qualms of them joining me. I arrived at 7:30am so as I was one of the first patients on the list I was in theatre by 10am, I was too excited to feel any nerves. Before going into theatre Mark came to my room to discuss any remaining concerns or questions I had – not that I really had any! We just chatted about my upcoming procedure, while also going over my medical history and BMI ensuring one more time that I was good for surgery. Once I was out of my operation I had nurses coming in to see me every half hour or so to make sure everything was ok and if I was ready for anything to eat or dink so I knew that I was really being cared for. I was discharged the same day, but felt that I was able to leave at my ease when I was ready. Before I made my way home with my Mum and fiancé, the nurses came in to help me put on my post surgical bra after letting me having a quick preview of my new additions. My fiancé had the week off work with me so I was well looked after as I was a little sleepy and achy for a few days after surgery -  he definitely earned some brownie points!

The level of care from both The Harley Medical Group and The Highgate Hospital was outstanding; I could not fault it at all. I always knew that should I need a nurse to answer any questions there was always one on the end of the phone. They followed up my surgery with weekly wellness calls and pre booked all my post operative appointments prior to my surgery so everything was well organised.

Months on I can genuinely say I have no regrets, I honestly wouldn’t change a thing... in fact, if I needed to I would do it all over again. I love the way my breasts now look and I can finally enjoy shopping for clothes and have no boundaries. I’m now a 32DD and can not believe how much they feel like they’ve always been there and are completely mine. I’m so glad I didn’t go any smaller and I went with Marks recommendation as they are absolutely perfect and exactly what I asked for. Natural and in proportion. I decided not to tell anyone beforehand about my decision on having surgery for my own reasons, only my parents and fiancé. Post surgery no one could obviously notice the difference from when it was all bra and padding. However, if they asked (usually close friends when getting ready for an evening out) I will tell and share my experience with them, but knowing I did this for me I don’t feel the need to make it common knowledge and love the fact its not obvious I’ve had a Breast Augmentation and they are mistaken for my own natural breasts.

I would highly recommend to anyone considering cosmetic surgery to take the first stages and find out the answers to all those questions by booking in a consultation making sure you are with a safe and registered company with experienced surgeons, you have to feel completely comfortable and confident. 

Jack Drake – Laser Hair Removal

I was pleasantly surprised how painless the treatment was. I almost fell asleep I was so relaxed  

Wendy Muncaster – Breast Augmentation 

Brilliant experience OP went very well. 1 Week later all healed would thoroughly recommend to anyone

Denise Samuels – Laser Hair Removal

I’m very pleased with the results of the laser treatment. As a woman I’ve found myself very self conscious about my facial hair, especially on my chin. I had to shave twice a day and put thick foundation on, so people couldn’t see the black dots on my face. I even felt nervous when my husband touched my face. It has been a brilliant experience and The Harley Medical team is very professional and efficient. All the nurses are very kind, understanding and always received the best advice. Now my confidence is back I can go out with no foundation :) Everyone should go for it who has similar hair issues!

Ashley McGarry – Rhinoplasty  (Nose Reshaping)

I have always wanted nose reshaping since I was in school and I finally had this surgery which went well. I would recommend this to anyone who would like this surgery. I future I would use The Harley Medical Group again as the staff and surgery process was helpful. Just would like to say thank you to all the staff again for all the help and support. 

Angela Thornton - Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) and Liposuction

Following the loss of my husband I was under mixed feelings of moving forward with a new relationship. I have always struggled with my excess skin hanging over my trousers and age brought with it excess saddle bags. I questioned the operation so many times, but finally the day came. I am over the moon with the results more than I thought possible. Plus Doctor Solomos took time and care to leave me with the best results possible, I now have a figure like I had in my 30s and to make things even better I met a new partner a couple of months ago. The thing about all of this is I did it for me, not because or for anyone else. I now feel on top of the world with my new figure.  

Daniel King – Anti-Ageing Injection Treatments and Skin Peels

Always found them to be very clear and accurate on treatments. A professional experience. 

Eloise Drummond – Laser Hair Removal

I am extremely happy with the nurse who treated me. She is extremely professional, thorough and very courteous. I would warmly recommend her and the clinic for the effective treatment, professionalism and customer care. 


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How to find us


From City Centre – Take the ring road A33 north, the local landmarks near our Clinic are Jury’s Inn at City end of the avenue and Travel Lodge is at the opposite end. The Clinic is opposite Southampton’s Law Courts.

From Winchester - Leave Southgate (B3335) and turn right into the High Street (B3404). Enter the roundabout and leave at the 1st exit onto A272. Join the M3 at Junction 10 and stay on for 8.45 miles. You are entering Southampton. Leave M3 in direction of Southampton, A33 and join A27. Stay for 0.07 miles and stay on Bassett Avenue (A33) for 2.55 miles (Portswood) and this will lead you straight down to The Avenue where our Clinic is situated on the left hand side.

From The East (Portsmouth) - Take Junction 5 of M27. Take the A335 (Stoneham Way) which leads onto Thomas Lewis Way. Continue for pproximately 2 miles. Turn right onto Lodge Road. Continue for approximately 0.4 miles. Bear left onto The Avenue (A33). Continue for approximately 0.2 miles. We are on the left hand side, just after Middle Street.

From The West (Bournemouth) - Take Junction 3 M27. Take the M271, Southbound towards Southampton City Centre. Bear left onto A35
(Millbrook Road West). Continue over Redbridge Flyover (A3024). Bear left towards the train Station. Take the second exit at the mini round-a-bout. Continue straight on, up Commercial Road. At the top, turn left onto Cumberland Place. Take the 5th left hand turning, London Road. Continue to the end. Turn right onto The Avenue. Take the first right hand turning to come back on yourself. We are on the left hand side, just after Middle Street.



We are only 30 minutes walking distance to the Clinic from Southampton Central Railway Station.

Walk out of the exit for Blechynden Terrace Road and turn left onto West Park Road. Walk up to Cumberland Place and you will see London Road on the left. Continue to walk up London Road and cross the road to get to The Avenue where the Clinic is situated.

There are taxis available outside the station.



There is metered parking available on surrounding streets near to the Clinic.


Visitors are requested to report to reception


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Next Steps

The best way to receive individual advice is to come and see one of our specially trained nurse counsellors. All our consultations are totally free and without any obligation and remember at The Harley Medical Group you will only see a specially and experienced professionals so you can rest assured you will receive the best advice.


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