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Basil Close, Chesterfield, Derbyshire. S41 7SL

Tel: 01246 558 387

The Alexandra Private Hospital in Chesterfield is a dedicated provider of cosmetic surgical and non-surgical treatments in the East Midlands and South Yorkshire region.

Over the past several decades, we have developed a reputation for surgical excellence, and exceptional patient care. As a specialist cosmetic surgery hospital, all patient care is provided on-site by our team of highly qualified medical professionals. Patient care is our priority, with an absolute commitment to ensuring the highest standards of clinical and service quality.


  • Highly qualified, accomplished, and respected surgeons, nurses, and other medical professionals and staff
  • Clinical excellence, patient service, and excellent value
  • Patient-focused care that is responsive to the needs of each of our patients
  • Highest standards of medical ethics
  • Superior facilities, treatment, and continuing care
  • Permanent and ongoing commitment to patient satisfaction


Car Parking

The Alexandra Private Hospital is located in the centre of Chesterfield, within walking distance of Chesterfield Train Station, and has its own private and discreet parking.

On Arrival

You will be greeted at the main reception on arrival.


The Alexandra Private Hospital Team

Lesley Ainsworth

Lesley Ainsworth Clinic Manager

Lesley is our Registered Clinical Manager in Liverpool, and has over 6 years experience performing laser hair removal on hundreds of patients. 

Excess hair and hair where you don't want it can really impact people; i love helping ladies and gentlemen get the results they want

With over 10 years nursing experience, there is nothing that Lesley hasn't seen, combined with happy, friendly and calming demeanour she is a favourite of all our Liverpool clients.