PRP Rejuvenation Therapy

PRP Rejuvenation Therapy is one of the most increasingly popular and revolutionary treatments in Dermatology and are also referred to as “Vampire Facial” and “Angel Therapy”.

Platelet-Rich-Plasma has been used in Medicine for over 30 years and has primarily used in wound care, dental and sports medicine where it heals damaged tissue.  This uses the clients own blood as the treatment to regenerate the skin and aid hair growth and works for conditions such as:

  • Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss
  • Acne Scarring
  • Skin Rejuvenation 
  • Stretch Marks and Scars
  • Under Eye Rejuvenation
  • Anti-Ageing

This is a completely natural process as it is using your own blood with little chance of any adverse reactions. The results of PRP are long lasting but may require annual maintenance to keep the skin rejuvenated.


What is PRP Rejuvenation Therapy?

This procedure uses the healing properties of your own blood which is injected back into the area of concern using microneedling to rejuvenate and heal. On the scalp, this encourages the blood flow around the hair folicles in order for new hair to grow. The platelets from the blood are primarily used and are the natural component that is essential to the healing and growth of the new skin tissue. Once injected into the pores, this stimulates collagen and elastin and begins the healing process, helping the skin to repair any damage.


How does PRP work for skin?

After the consultation with one of our Doctors, a small volume of blood is taken from the arm and is then placed into a centrifuge to spin. This system separates the plasma from the blood so then the concentrated solution of platelet rich plasma is injected into the area using microneedling.  This causes surrounding cells to rush forward to the injected area which then stimulates the skin to regenerate as it aids cell turnover, causing the skin to renew. 


How does PRP work for Hair Loss?

Dealing with hair loss can be one of the hardest conditions that both men and women can experience as it can deeply affect self-esteem and confidence as your appearance can change.  PRP for Hair Loss is the effective, non-surgical solution to treating pattern baldness and receding hairlines and is available for both men and women. This works as the platelet rich plasma (with the essential growth factors) is injected into the scalp and this naturally stimulates the dormant hair follicles.  This procedure promote hair growth by effectively increasing hair count and the growth phase of the hair cycle, which in turns gives healthier and thicker hair.

To get the best results from PRP Rejuvenation Therapy, the recommended course of treatments by our Dermatologist must be adhered too as consistency of treatments is key for both the skin and hair loss.