Chester Vaser liposuction overview

Medically Reviewed May 2022, by Leonardo Fasano - Consultant Vaser Specialist for The Harley Medical Group

Vaser Liposuction showcases minimally invasive state-of-the-art ultrasound technology to precisely target and remove unwanted fat.

Utilising the ultrasound energy and the heat produced by the vaser probe, the surgeon is able to strategically melt the fat before extracting it out, achieving far superior results compared to traditional liposuction, where the fat is not melted.


  • Creates more defined calves, stomach, and arm muscles, whilst also removing any excess amount of fat.
  • Can tighten loose skin in small, intricate areas such as under the chin.
  • Less invasive and less downtime

Is Vaser liposuction right for me?

Vaser Liposuction is an ideal option for patients who are facing difficulty in losing stubborn fat deposits despite their diligent efforts in following diet and exercise routines. This advanced procedure can effectively target and treat small areas of fat accumulation throughout the body, including the neck, upper arms, abdomen, thighs, and even the knees.

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Vaser Liposuction

The procedure for Vaser liposuction in Chester

Vaser Liposuction, also known as 'Ultrasonic Liposuction' due to the implementation of ultrasonic energy and technology, is an advanced, minimally invasive fat removal procedure. The ultrasonic energy precisely targets unwanted fat while preserving vital tissues such as nerves, blood vessels, connective tissue, and Collagen, promoting rapid healing. By eliminating both superficial and deep fats surrounding muscle groups, it enhances the visibility of the underlying toned muscles, resulting in a reshaped body that appears more defined and sculpted, giving you a sleek, toned, and well-proportioned look.

The Liposculpture surgery involves several steps:

  • Saline solution
    Initially, the treatment area(s) are infused with a tumescent anaesthetic solution. This solution helps to constrict the blood vessels, minimizing blood loss and reducing post-surgery bruising. It also facilitates the breakdown of fatty tissue using the Vaser ultrasound energy.
  • Ultrasonic energy
    Small probes are then employed to emit ultrasonic energy waves, breaking apart and emulsifying the fatty tissues between the skin and muscle. This unique process ensures the preservation of other vital tissues, leading to faster recovery times. The focus is on targeting the desired area, allowing your surgeon to remove fat and sculpt your contours to create a naturally toned and defined physique.
  • Extraction
    The liquefied fat is subsequently removed through the use of a small hollow metal cannula (via discreet incisions measuring approximately 3-4mm, resulting in minimal scarring). The cannula is carefully inserted and guided through the emulsified fat region. Suction technology is employed to gently extract the fat, often combined with a massage technique. Your specially trained Vaser surgeon then delicately shapes your muscle structures to create the desired contours for a toned and defined physique.

Any remaining fat is naturally eliminated by your body after surgery, resulting in the final outcome of a more toned body during your recovery process.*
*Results and benefits of Vaser Liposuction may vary and are unique to each individual. We cannot guarantee specific outcomes.

Chester Vaser liposuction recovery & aftercare

The recovery process for Vaser Liposuction varies from person to person and typically involves more extensive aftercare compared to traditional Liposuction. Your level of commitment during the recovery period greatly influences the final outcome, which may take two to three months to become apparent. An optimal aftercare program includes diligent use of custom-designed body compression garments, along with post-procedure ultrasound, lymphatic massage, and appropriate exercise and nutrition.

When you maintain your weight, the treated areas should maintain their sculpted appearance and continue to look great.

How much is Vaser liposuction?

Every single patient is different and treated on an entirely individual basis, so there is not set price for Vaser liposuction. In order to get a quote that is specific to you, find your nearest clinic and please book in for your consultation with one of our nurses to discuss your requirements in complete confidence.

The price you are given will include everything from the procedure itself, to the cost of your overnight stay and after care appointments – there are no hidden costs.

Vaser liposuction prices in Chester

0% finance is available for breast augmentation surgery.

We have a range of payment plans, including 0% finance on all procedures, subject to a minimum deposit of £500. Our patient advisors are happy to take you through the payment plans available for your recommended procedure. There are also several areas on the body where you can undergo liposuction, please find the prices below.

Create your own payment plan with our pricing calculator

Vaser Liposuction (Liposculpture) Prices From
Vaser Liposuction 1 area £4,950
Vaser Liposuction 2 areas £6,450
Vaser Liposuction 3 areas £7,950
Vaser Liposuction 4 areas £9,550
Vaser Liposuction 5 areas £11,150
Vaser Liposuction 6 areas £12,850

*Subject to status. Conditions apply. Representative example. Cash price of goods/amount of credit £4500 with £500 deposit; 12 monthly payments of £375.00; Total amount repayable £4500.00; Representative 0% APR.

The prices provided are representative of the procedures we perform but not exhaustive, contact your local clinic for more information.

Please contact one of our Client Service Advisors on 0330 838 4292 or discuss your financial options with one of our nurses during your consultation at your local clinic.

Chester Vaser Vaser liposuction finance options

We acknowledge that financial considerations can sometimes hinder individuals from pursuing Cosmetic Surgery procedures. To address this, we offer flexible payment plans that can cater to your specific requirements. Our diverse range of finance options is designed to assist you in covering the costs of your procedure. Feel free to inquire about these options during your complimentary consultation, where our dedicated counselor will gladly guide you through the available choices.

For further assistance, please reach out to one of our Client Service Advisors at 0800 288 4110, or discuss your financial options with our nurses during your consultation at the nearest clinic.

Take advantage of our 0% finance* offer.

*0% Finance is available, subject to status, and terms and conditions apply.

Choosing a surgeon

Choosing the right Consultant for your medical procedure may initially seem daunting, but it can be a straightforward process. Here are some key factors to take into account when making your decision:

  • Review their credentials and experience.
  • Read expert and patient reviews.
  • Consider their reputation.
  • Request additional details, such as viewing before-and-after photos of previous patients, and inquire about the Consultant's expertise and patient outcomes.

At The Harley Medical Group, we work in partnership with esteemed Plastic Surgeons who are at the forefront of their field. Our commitment is to provide our patients with exceptional treatment and care that upholds the highest standards.


Meet the experts in Chester

At The Harley Medical Group, our unwavering commitment is to deliver the utmost quality of care to our patients. This begins with our exceptional team of plastic surgeons who possess extensive qualifications and experience. We uphold a stringent selection process, ensuring that we collaborate only with professionals registered with the UK General Medical Council (GMC), holding substantive positions within the NHS, and maintaining memberships with esteemed organizations like the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS).

Prior to joining our esteemed team, each surgeon undergoes a rigorous application process and obtains approval from our Medical Advisory Committee, led by Chief Medical Officer Mr. T K Sankar. Additionally, our consultants maintain sufficient indemnity cover and adhere to our comprehensive policies and procedures.

Our talented vaser liposuction specialist is Dr Leonardo Fasano.

Body Sculpting Expert

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Frequently Asked Questions - Vaser liposuction Chester

Vaser Liposuction is the surgical removal of fat from specific areas of the body. The Vaser Liposculpture procedure is so precisely targeted that it can be used on areas that traditional Lipo cannot treat.

The most common fat removal areas include:

  • Chest or bust
  • Upper and lower back
  • Stomach
  • Flanks / waist
  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Calves
  • Knees
  • Ankles
  • Chin / neck
  • Arms
  • Inner and outer thighs

While the recovery process is different for everyone, Vaser Liposuction does involve more extensive aftercare that traditional Liposuction. The more commitment you put in during your recovery process the better your results will be; your final outcome will not be clear until two or three months after your procedure. The optimum aftercare programme includes a very dedicated use of bespoke body compression garments, as well as post-procedure ultrasound, lymphatic massage and correct exercise and nutrition.

Your treated areas should look great and retain their sculptured appearance for as long as you remain the same weight. If you gain weight, you will generally gain it in areas other than those that were treated.

Post-Operative Recovery

Incision area
You may experience some fluid leakage from the incision areas for the first day or two after your procedure, this is tumescent fluid and is a product of the local anaesthetic. It may be blood tinged which is perfectly normal so do not be alarmed; however anything pronounced should be brought to the attention of the clinic.

Within 7 days following your surgery, depending on the area treated, you will have a wound check to assess your sutures which should gradually dissolve. Avoid getting the incision area wet as a warm moist environment harbours bacteria and may lead to a possible wound infection.

Bruising / Swelling
You should expect some bruising, swelling and pain after your procedure; some swelling may linger for several months. You may also feel like you’ve lost sensations in the areas treated, this is perfectly normal and is not a cause for concern. As your nerves begin to regenerate feeling and sensation should return to normal.

Immediately following your surgery you should expect some mild, and easily controlled with your prescription medication, discomfort. This only lasts for a very short period with most patients up and walking around comfortably after a day or two; please be aware that you may require some assistance in the first 24 to 48 hours following surgery. Pain medication will be prescribed to control any discomfort, however, if you begin to have severe pain, contact us immediately. We strongly advise that you do not take any medications containing aspirin one week following surgery.

Short-Term Aftercare

With many insurers your car insurance will be void for 24-48 hours after you have had a general anaesthetic administered. After this time we would recommend that you avoid driving, for approximately seven to ten days, as you may find some of your movements restricted while the brusing and swelling goes down.

Physical Activities
Vaser Liposuction surgery requires minimal downtime, which means you can return to a gentle daily routine within a couple of days of your procedure - depending on the area treated. We advise that you take at least a week off work to enable you to recover fully. Over the next two or three weeks your treated areas may remain very sensitive and strenuous physical activities should be limited; during this time you can gradually return to activites such as light lifting and sex. Your surgeon will give you clear advise of the activities you can undertake, based on your treatment area, during your consultation.

Long-Term aftercare
For optimum results we advise that your long-term post-operative care will also included a tailored course of Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) Massage. We work very closely with an MLD specialist if you choose to make that part of your recovery process.

MLD Massage
For optimum results we recommend investing in a course of Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) Massage which helps to speed up the recovery process, eliminates any swelling or accumulation of liquid in the body and helps to get rid of any remaining toxins.

The MLD massage technique can be used after Vaser Liposuction as little as 48 hours after your procedure, to help speed up your recovery. It combines an ultrasound treatment which is followed by a manual massage. By manipulating the lymph at the dermal-epidermal junction (1-2mm deep, the thickness of 4-5 sheets of paper) the technique aids the body process and eliminate excess fluid from the deeper layers as well as from shallow depths and negative spaces. MLD ensures better skin retraction, reduces stiffness in muscles, thereby improving your immediate post-surgery mobility, and has a therapeutic, anti-inflammatory effect on tissues.

Physical Activities
After 6 weeks you should be fully recovered and able to undertake more strenuous and physical exercise just as jogging and heavier weight lifting. If you are still feeling discomfort, or are not confident about returning to a more physical routine please discuss this with your liposculpture surgeon who will be happy to discuss your concerns with you.

*Vaser Liposuction results and benefits vary and are different for every individual. Specific results cannot be guaranteed.

Vaser Liposuction is performed with a local or general anaesthetic, so you won’t feel any pain during the procedure*.

If your procedure is performed under local anaesthetic sedation will be available to you. Speak to your practitioner who will be able to advise you on costs during your free no obligation consultation.

You can expect to feel some discomfort and soreness for up to two weeks after the procedure, though patient experiences will vary because everyone has have different pain thresholds and healing rates*.

*Vaser Liposuction results and benefits can vary and are different for every individual. Specific results cannot be guaranteed.

The length of time taken to perform Vaser Liposuction will depend on the number and size of areas being treated; however, it generally takes between one and two hours to treat up to three areas.

No, we are unable to offer any surgery while you are pregnant or breast feeding. However, please contact us 6 months after giving birth or after breast feeding and talk to our friendly advisors to discuss next steps.

At The Harley Medical Group, a significant number of our Liposuction patients are men. The most popular treatment areas for men are the chest, stomach and ‘love handles’.

Vaser Liposuction can be performed with either a general anaesthetic or local anaesthetic with sedation. This decision will be made with your Surgeon and will depend on your preference and your suitability.

Some patients will see results immediately, most see a significant improvement 6-8 weeks after the procedure. However it can take up to 6 months to achieve the final result*.

*Vaser Liposuction results and benefits vary and are different for every individual. Specific results cannot be guaranteed.

At The Harley Medical Group, you can expect our Vaser Liposuction procedure to provide a subtle, defined and natural-looking result, with a visibly slimmer and toned appeared.* Although every patient is different, our plastic surgeons are renowned for delivering fantastic outcomes - simply view our Vaser Liposuction before and after pictures.

*Vaser Liposuction results and benefits vary and are different for every individual. Specific results cannot be guaranteed.

As Vaser Liposuction is less intrusive than traditional Liposuction the time required for rest and recuperate is shorter*. There will be some bruising and swelling so we recommend allowing at least 5-7 days before you return to work, and 14 days before you return to the gym or undertake strenuous activity.

Most importantly, for optimum results and minimal discomfort we advise you to listen to your body and not push yourself until you are fully recovered. You will be required to wear a discreet support garment for approximately 4 weeks after the procedure.

*Vaser Liposuction results and benefits vary and are different for every individual. Specific results cannot be guaranteed.

Vaser Liposuction requires an incision to be made and is therefore a Surgical Procedure undertaken in a hospital operating theatre by our highly qualified and experienced surgeons. At The Harley Medical Group we also offer a Non Surgical Laser Liposuction Treatment called iLipoXcell.

Vaser Liposuction can be performed as a day case, however in some circumstances, depending on the number of areas treated and your suitability, the Surgeon may require you to stay overnight. This will be discussed with you during your consultation with the Surgeon.

Our highly experienced Surgeons will treat up to four areas in one operation, depending on your suitability and requirements. You Surgeon will discuss the best treatment for you to receive optimum results in your free consultation.

Vaser Liposuction should not be used as a weight-control tool, but rather undertaken when you are at your optimum weight. If you maintain your weight with a balanced and healthy lifestyle after the procedure the removal of fat cells means it is possible to gain up to four kilos before noticing a change in the treated area. However, no fat removal procedure removes all fat cells from the treated area so you may see some fat return.

If you maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle you will not experience fat pockets in the area treated or other parts of the body*. Any weight gain, or loss, you do experience will tend to be proportionately distributed over your entire body*.

It is worth noting that not all fat cells will be removed from the treatment area for the sake of your health, therefore significant weight gain will affect the treated area*.

VASER means Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance, referring to the energy used to liquefy the fat cells of the treated area.

Vaser Liposuction, though minimally invasive, is a surgical procedure which is performed by our highly qualified and experienced Surgeons in one of our world class hospitals.

Vaser Liposuction removes superficial fat and fat cells from the treated area, as the production of new fat cells decreases significantly following puberty the results following surgery are more or less permanent*. Mild weight fluctuations will therefore go unnoticed in the treatment area as the extra fat is distributed evenly around the body.

Significant weight gain, however, will become noticeable in the treated area*.

Many people find that they have excess skin on their tummy as a result of pregnancy or dramatic weight-loss. While Vaser Liposuction will tighten skin* it is not able to treat large areas. To remove significant excess skin we recommend a Tummy Tuck, also known as an Abdominoplasty.

Traditional liposuction offers visible results quickly, and providing the patient maintains a healthy diet and exercises regularly, the fat should not return to the body.

Although it offers similar results to traditional liposuction, Vaser Liposuction uses energy to melt the fat, making it a less invasive procedure. For this reason, Vaser Liposuction can also create more defined calves, stomach and arm muscles and can tighten loose skin in small, intricate areas such as under the chin.


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