Jolly Harley Christmas

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

December is finally here, and with it the beginning of the festive season.

The war over the Christmas music has begun at work, everyone comes in from the outside talking about the cold and with every speck of snow we're planning what our snowman will look like. We're certainly getting into the Holly Jolly mood!

We wanted to help you get into the spirit with a few tips and offers... to find out more simply keep reading.

The perfect Christmas gift (for you or a loved one)

A comprehensive program of products with high-performance ingredients such as peptides, botanical stem cells and powerful antioxidants.

The Pack Includes:

  • 1 Essential Daily Cleanser 2 FL OZ
  • 1 Essential B5 Hydrating Serum 0.5 FL OZ
  • 1 Essential Moisturizer 1 OZ
  • 1 SheerZinc SPF 30 1 OZ

For a limited time only the Christmas gift pack aslo includes: 

  • 1 gift voucher for a winter cranberry mask treatment worth £99 with £10 off a Dermaquest Hydrating B5
  • 1 gift voucher to give a friend for a winter cranberry mask worth £99 with £10 off a Dermaquest Hydrating B5

Buy now for £79 (RRP over £300)

Ready for your close up? Say “Prune”

Who doesn’t want to look amazing in photos with the perfect pout – especially over the holiday period? So when we heard saying “prune” created the ideal look (The "PR" sound purses your lips just a little bit, while the "OON" sound relaxes your mouth) we grabbed the mirror and got practicing. However, if saying names of fruit isn’t for you we have 20% off Lip Fillers to help you be ready for all the attention your lips will be getting this month.

And to keep your lips looking perfect we recommend our Stem Cell 3D Lip Enhancer. This wonder gloss keeps lips plump and moisturised while enhancing your lips natural colour and reducing fine lines.

Fake it [glowing skin] until you can make it.

If your skin’s undertone is yellow then we have the perfect product to help you add a sun kissed glow to your face. And even better it’s a physical SPF (mineral based) that blends perfectly into the skin! We have to be honest we’re genuinely surprised at how diverse the skin tone range it covers; we tried and tested it and it looked great from very fair skin to darker Asian skin tones. Our Sunkissed SPF gives a subtle level of colour for those days when you really don’t want to layer on the make-up but you want colour to your face.

For a limited time only we have £10 off so you can look like you’ve just come back from a holiday, without the cost!

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The party season is almost here – think busy diaries and late nights! Don’t let the month of excess take its toll this Christmas and take some advice from The Harley Medical Group’s experts, Consultant Dermatologist Dr Justine Hextall and Nutritionist Christine Bailey, who have shared what’s contributing to that hangover face along with their top tips to keep your skin and body feeling and looking its best.


Glamour is our middle name (well it should be anyway!)

Our expert team can help make the base of your make-up selfie ready with our treatments, the make-up itself (if you choose to wear it) is up to you. Personally we love a little 1940s and 1950s glamour, but why don't you visit our Beauty through the ages pages and see which look you want to make your own this festive season.


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