For as long as I can remember I’ve never been happy with the shape, more noticeably the width of my nose. I'd wanted for many years to have surgery to ‘correct’ what I saw as an abnormal nose, but lacked the confidence to go ahead with it. I eventually did find the courage just recently and decided on going with The Harley Medical Group for my treatment. I have to say, right from my first appointment I was put at ease by both the staff and the surgeon, making me feel happy and glad, that I'd firstly found the courage, but secondly that I'd chosen The Harley Medical Group for my procedure. Everything involved in the operation i feel was a complete success, the staff at the hospital were both friendly and extremely professional. Now that the temporary cast and dressing are off I feel a different person! I am very happy with the result and cannot recommend The Harley medical group highly enough.

Chris Fenton


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 Very pleased with results. Staff have been very informative throughout the procedure.

Gurdeep Bhamra


Prior to my operation I did a lot of research for over two years to be exact. I had 32AA cup size and was so unhappy with my body I felt in no way feminine with a flat chest I had suffered bad anxiety for years dreading clothes shopping and even getting into bed with my partner of 5 years. I attended my first meeting and following that met the consultant, my day of surgery was so exciting going to sleep and waking the new me. So much less painful than expected within 5 days holding my 14 month old and picking her up. I went from 32AA to 32DD and the results are amazing the look completely natural. Sit perfect I can now buy nice underwear and shop for tops and dresses and most importantly I love the new me! My consultant and nurse were amazing, my results are perfect and I would recommend Harley any day. Direct contact to the clinic at anytime or for any queries prior to my surgery. Treated amazing with so much dignity even when showing my non-existent bust prior to surgery. Harley have truly change my life, confidence and self esteem!

Keleigh Watson


After years of contemplation I called The Harley Medical Group and was really pleased with the friendly, professional and efficient service that was produced by all at the clinic. The clinic itself is a private, clean and relaxed environment with such friendly and well informed staff. The initial consultation was very informative and the operation date a lot faster than anticipated. Excellent medical facilities in London and and excellent surgeon!. Since the operation(s) I have felt so much more confident with my appearance and cannot recommend the HMG highly enough. A huge thank you to all the staff, you’ve changed my life in such a positive way.

Leena Trickett


My first appointment to last with Harley Medical were amazing, staff were very friendly and helpful, surgeon were lovely. I felt relaxed and looked after throughout my time there very satisfied and would definitely recommend to family and friends J <3 x

Lisa Denton


Over all very good care and service both from the clinic and the hospital. Will recommend to friends and family

Nadia Wallis


The Nurse was very informative and quickly made me feel at ease. The treatment was as painless and quick as it could have been. Couldn’t rate highly enough, 1st class.

Natalie Conray


 I am very happy with the result on the sides of my face. I used to be very self conscious + never tie my hair back or put my hair behind my ears. The area is completely smooth and hair free and I would recommend The Harley Medical Group + my nurse (who has been simply Fabulous!) to anyone in the same situation as me. This sure beats waxing/threading the area any day. Thank you

Nihal Kaur


I have experienced very positive results so far. The treatment does work and the overall service is good and the staff are professional. I would recommend HMG to anyone that is considering laser hair removal.

Peter Dalton


 !Fantastic! Very happy with every aspect of the care I have received and the results of my surgery. I would recommend The Harley Medical Group to friends & family.

Poppy Cuthbert


 My experience was very good. I was apprehensive at first but once things started to progress I was confident that I was in good hands. After one week past-op I was surprised how good the results were. I only wish I had done it sooner.

Shaun Parker


As always fantastic service at Harley medical group. I have been coming here for years and I can’t fault it. The nurses are friendly and always do everything they can do to help. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Harley Medical Group.

Stella Balu


Great service made to feel well treated (non rushed) and well explained glad I chose this clinic

Adrian Metz


I have been going through treatment and the results are very good, the atmosphere at Harley Medical Group is friendly. My nurse is very nice and helpful always enjoy meeting her, after a few sessions of treatment I can see quiet a change to my skin the hairs are growing slower and skins become a lot smoother, I would definitely recommended the clinic to a friend and come back for more treatment.

Alexa Rush


 I had B/A on Saturday 19th Jan 2013 at the Highgate Hospital, I am pleased to say I am very happy with my consultant's work, he has done a great job, he is a lovely kind straight forward man, and he makes you feel at ease. I was also very pleased with all the staff at the Harley clinic they made me feel very comfortable even though i was very nervous at the beginning. It has been a great experience and I would highly recommended The Harley Medical Group and also my lovely consultant

Amber Teague


I have always wanted Rhinoplasty since I was at school. In 2012 I finally had this surgery which all went well I would recommend this to anyone who would want this surgery (Rhinoplasty). In the future I would use The Harley Medical Group again as the staff and surgery process was helpful. Just would like to say thank you to all the staff at The Harley Medical Group again for all the help and support.

Ashley McGarry


Staff have been very helpful and caring from my first consultation to my last post op appointment. They have been supportive throughout. I felt well and positive whilst waiting for my operation and everything was explained fully. I am really happy with the results and am I looking forward to the end result after all the healing.

Chanel Kemp


When I first initially decided to go ahead with my treatment Harley Medical was most differently my first choice. The staff here during my time organising everything from my first consultation, arranging my finance and all of the post aftercare has been absolutely fantastic. They are all friendly helpful and made me feel at ease every step of the way. Meeting my surgeon for the first time was great he was so warm and friendly and too made me feel at total ease. I would recommend Harley Medical to anyone the wanted a professional friendly guide for their cosmetic surgery

Debbie Drury


The thought of ""Am I doing the right thing?"" had passed through my thoughts so many times but I finally took the step and made the phone call to Harley Medical Group to enquire. In my profession teacher and physical education I had suffered with back pain and discomfort for long enough. I can honestly say that was the phone call was the best decision I have ever made! It is difficult to think that 6 months ago I was a 32HH and grew to dislike and photographs being taken of myself.  I cannot believe the difference - it is amazing! I cannot thank Harley Medical Group enough for the amazing service provided by the clinic and nurse I only wish I had had a breast reduction sooner.

Gayle Harvey


After many years of shaving waxing and epilating I found I was suffering with in grown hairs and further more it was becoming very tiresome having to shave so regularly. Laser hair removal has been wonderful, with very obvious results I recently went on a beach holiday and didn’t have to shave once! Girls will understand what a freedom and luxury that is. If you’re warned about it being painful I would say it is no worse than waxing in fact I found it less painful. All the staff have been lovely and very accommodating of my busy work schedule. So glad I did it.

Hannah Aughton


 I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone with `problem‘ skin. My skin feels amazing - less oily and spot breakouts are rare. The team at my clinic are very welcoming and make you feel at ease, overall I have been very impressed.

Hariette Whaite


Really great service. I was having the “Ultimate Bikini Laser “(i.e. everything off) and my nurse made me feel comfortable at all times. The pain was not bad at all and i was given some Aloe Vera gel and an ice patch to avoid and redness. So excited to finally get rid of the unwanted hair! And my nurse was great. Thanks!

Holly David


The treatment experience was very comforting and I am extremely happy with the results. Nurses were friendly and made my procedure worthwhile.

James Stead


 My experience at Harley Medical Group has been fantastic. The nurses and staff were brilliant and my surgeon was straight talking and knowledgeable. After three children and a massive diastasis recti I thought my body would never recover. Thanks. To my surgeon and The Harley Medical Group team I now have my body from my 20s back. Hello beach holiday and skimpy bikini!

Jennifer Taylor


The nurses at Harley are all very friendly & professional and make you feel relaxed. The LHR has worked fantastic. I no longer have to shave my underarms. For me it was a pain free procedure and would recommend to anyone. I had a particularly bad thread vein on my leg which after 2 treatments of sclerotherapy has completely gone so I can now wear skirts again in the summer! I can’t recommend HMG enough! Thank you.

Joan Hagim


I was very impressed and happy with my Treatment. The staff were all very welcoming & caring. The food was amazing and room was very clean and accommodating

Jolene Gallen


 I’ve been unhappy with my ears most of my life as they have always protruded quite a lot from my head. After making the decision to have surgery, I had my first meeting withmy nurse in March. It was so easy talking and dealing with all the staff and nurses there, and I knew instantly from that first meeting that I had made the night decision. I had the operation at a hospital in Manchester where the level of care towards their patients is at the highest level. I only wanted to be a day case so very helpfully i was admitted at 7am in the morning and was in theatre by 9am. I left the hospital by about 2.30pm so was not long at all. I am very happy with the end result and would advise anyone who is unhappy with their body in anyways to go and have a consultation if they can.

Kayleigh Douglas


For as long as I can remember I have hated my sticky out ‘Bat Ears’ when I first booked my consultation with The Harley Medical Group I was quite nervous but I was welcomed and made to feel comfortable as soon as I walked into the clinic. I booked my procedure straight away and have never looked back I am delighted with the results. I feel 100% better and a lot more confident. I would recommend my surgeon to anybody! He did such an amazing job and the aftercare I received from the nurses at Harley Medical was brilliant.

Kirsty Patchett


Thank you so much for looking after me. From day 1 I have had first class service I was sceptical about after care but it has been truly amazing. I was an A cup and made to D so natural. The hospital experience was fab and I engaged every second I placed my life in their hands and felt as though they cared so much. I wish I had it done sooner thank you so much again.

Laura Cridge


After 2 years of treatments for acne rosacea with tetracyclines I decided to have a consultation at the Harley clinic on my daughter’s recommendation. (Every time I stopped the medication my skin flared up). My nurse took a detailed history and examined my skin she explained that I had maturity onset acne & recommended a course of laser therapy and antibacterial creams. The difference is unbelievable, my skin is the best it has been for years my skin care regime is simpler and my confidence has improved so much. Everyone at the clinic is so helpful. When I saw my GP he even commented on how good my skin looked and I don’t have to take anymore tablets.

Lesley Knowlson


 I was very nervous when starting this process but from the first moment I contacted The Harley Medical Group my mind was put at ease. From reception to my nurse & surgeon I was kept well informed & comfortable at every stage. My results were fantastic & would recommend them to anyone that was thinking of cosmetic surgery. Just amazing!

Lisa Allsopp


 I  have been a patient at The Harley Medical Group for a few years now. I am very satisfied with the laser hair removal treatment I’ve received. It just made my life do much easier and hair free on a daily basis. It also boosted my confident and I feel more comfortable than ever before. I can only praise my nurse for her professionalism, continuous care and kindness over the years. The atmosphere is very friendly I am always looking forward to my next appointment. I can highly recommend it to everyone without hesitation, it is the best investment I’ve ever made in my life thank you!

Magdi Labbancz


"Since I could remember I have always avoided having my photo taken, whatever the occasion, I was always the one taking the picture so I would not have to on it. Then when I looked back over the years I realised there’s not many photos of me, no memories of me and I understood why this was, I decided to be brave and fix my problem/insecurity. * From Natalie's nurse: Natalie only had her dressing/cast off today and is already thrilled with her results. She hopes her testimonial will help others when making their decision."

Natalie Misland


As a nurse myself people always say "It’s easy for you, you know what to expect" but am just human like everyone else I have same doubts, fears. It’s harder for me because am on the other side I know what standards to expect and so on. I must say Harley Group from the moment I made 1st contact sorted everything out for me just a phone call. The paper work was very straight forward. My consultant listened to what I wanted what my goal was as I sited to him I didn’t want to be a model I wanted comfort in my own body. I got it, what a result “NO PAIN AT ALL“. Thank you Harley Group for giving my body back to me.

Patricia Neeson


The nurse is really lovely and given good advice. My experience has been nothing but positive.

Tahmine Choudhury

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